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Hong Leong Cash-On-Call

Need extra cash? With the Hong Leong Cash-on-Call, you can withdraw cash anytime, anywhere with just one phone call away. It is a loan which gives you the flexibility to pay in affordable equal monthly installments at a low interest rate of only 9.88% p.a.

As used herein, the word "Card" means all credit cards (excluding corporate cards) issued by Hong Leong Bank Berhad ("HLB") and "Cardholder" means the holder of a Card. The terms and conditions herein are to apply in conjunction with the "Hong Leong Cardholder Agreement". In the event of any discrepancy or inconsistency between the terms and conditions herein and the terms in the "Hong Leong Cardholder Agreement", the terms of this agreement shall prevail in so far as they apply to Cash-on-Call Service.

  1. This Cash-on-Call Service ("COC") is only opened to all new and existing Principal Cardholders aged 21 years and above.
  2. The Cash-on-Call Service is made available by HLB to all Cardholders subject to the terms and conditions herein.
  3. Only Cardholder whose account is current and in good standing may apply for Cash-on-Call Service. The Cardholder whose application(s) for Cash-on-Call are approved shall be able to draw and receive cash from the Cardholder's existing credit limit for his / her Card.
  4. The Cash-on-Call Service allows the Cardholder to draw up to 90% of the Cardholder's available credit limit (subject to HLB's approval) by the following mode:-
    1. Either a cheque issued by HLB and deposited into the Cardholder's savings / current bank account maintained with HLB or a licensed bank in Malaysia; or
    2. Internal transfer for Cardholder's bank account maintained in HLB; or
    3. Interbank giro (GIRO) transfer to the Cardholder's bank account maintained with other licensed bank in Malaysia at the Cardholder's choice.
  5. The Cardholder may apply for the Cash-on-Call Service
    1. by calling Hong Leong Call Center
    2. by completing in full Cash-on-Call application form
  6. The Cardholder would not be able to accumulate rewards points for the Cash-on-Call services.
  7. The Cardholder shall specify the following:-
    1. the amount he/she wishes to draw ("the Cash-on-Call Amount");
    2. the mode in which the Cash-on-Call Service is delivered to the Cardholder; and
    3. the name of the bank and particulars of the bank account if the Cardholder selects the option for the cheque to be deposited into his / her bank account or transfer by inter bank giro (GIRO).
  8. Upon HLB's approval of the Cardmember's application and the disbursement of the Cash-on-Call Amount to the Cardholder, the Cash-on-Call Amount together with the Cash-on-Call Interest thereon for the Cash-on-Call Period as hereinafter defined, shall be deducted from the Cardholder's existing credit limit.
  9. An application for the Cash-on-Call Service specified above will be deemed to be acceptance of the terms and conditions herein contained.
  10. The approval or otherwise of the Cardholder's application will be subject to:
    1. the current standing of the Cardholder's account; and
    2. the Cardholder's available credit limit at that time; and
    3. at the sole and absolute discretion of HLB.
  11. The minimum acceptance transfer is RM1,500 and in any case is subject to the Bank's sole and absolute discretion and may be varied by HLB from time to time.
  12. A RM12.00 handling fee for each Cash-on-Call application or such amount as may be determined by HLB at HLB's sole and absolute discretion will be charged to the Cardholder's Card Account.
  13. If the Cardholder fully settles the Cash-on-Call amount before the expiry of the Cash-on-Call Period, an early settlement penalty of RM25.00 will be charged to the Cardholder's Card Account.
  14. Cardholder shall select in his / her application a period ("the Cash-on-Call Period") for the payment of his / her Cash-on-Call Amount together with the Cash-on-Call Interest (as hereinafter defined).
    1. The period for payment of the Cash-on-Call Amount together with the Cash-on-Call Interest shall be 12,18,24,30 or 36 months ("Cash-on-Call Installment Period").
    2. During the Cash-on-Call Installment Period, the Cash-on-Call Amount together with Cash-on-Call Interest shall be paid by way of equal monthly installments ("the Cash-on-Call Monthly Installment"). The Cash-on-Call Installment Period shall be as specified by HLB and at the election of the Cardholder. Neither Cash-on-Call Installment Period nor the Cash-on-Call Monthly Installment may be altered. HLB is entitled to and shall charge interest on the Cash-on-Call Amount ("Cash-on-Call Interest") for the Cash-on-Call Installment Period. The Cash-on-Call Interest at 9.88% per annum may be determined and/or subject to change from time to time by HLB at it's sole and absolute discretion.
  15. The Cash-on-Call Monthly Installment is computed as the sum of the Cash-on-Call Amount and Cash-on-Call Interest divided by the number of months in the Cash-on-Call Installment Period. In the event of any delay or failure to pay the Cash-on-Call Monthly Installment, the terms of the "HLB Cardholder Agreement" shall apply to the Cash-on-Call Monthly Installment as if the amount was a charge from a normal transaction.
  16. The sum of the Cash-on-Call Amount and Cash-on-Call Interest shall be billed to the Cardholder on the next statement date following HLB's approval of the Cardholder's application.
  17. In the event the Cardholder defaults in any of his/her obligations herein, the terms in the "Hong Leong Cardholder Agreement" shall apply.
  18. The Cardholder may apply for more than one Cash-on-Call Service subject to the available credit limit.
  19. On the Cash-on-Call Service default of payment on any monies due under the Card Account or breach of any provisions of the Hong Leong Cardholder Agreement or any of these items and conditions by the Cardholder or cancellation of the Card or termination of the Card Account for whatever reason - all outstanding said installments or balance of monies owning under the Cash-on-Call Service shall immediately become due and payable by the Cardholder and shall at the absolute discretion of HLB be charged to the Card Account whereupon the "Hong Leong Cardholder Agreement" shall apply to all the said installments or balance.
  20. In accordance with the "Hong Leong Cardholder Agreement", in the event the specified minimum payment of the Current Balance is not received in full by the Payment Due Date, the applicable late payment charge and finance charges shall be levied on the unpaid amount which include the Cash-on-Call Monthly Installment or part thereof.
  21. HLB reserves the right to add, alter, modify, change or vary the terms and conditions contained herein, either in part or whole. HLB may at its discretion mail directly to the Cardholder or notify in the mass media or posting up a notice in HLB's banking hall or HLB's website at or any method which the Bank deems practical for such additions, modifications or amendments of the terms and conditions.
  22. The Cardmember shall give Hong Leong Bank one month written notice should the Cardmember wish to early settle the unpaid balances. The Cardmember shall continue to serve the monthly statement until the remaining unbilled principal is billed into the card member's next credit card statement.
  23. Cardholder shall forthwith settle all Cash-on-Call outstanding balances including fee and interest if:
    1. Cardholder defaults in any of his/her obligations stated herein or under "Hong Leong Cardholder Agreement"
    2. Default is made in the payment of the COC monthly instalment or any sums due.
    3. The Cash-on-Call is cancelled or terminated.
      Otherwise the prevailing finance charges based on Tiered Pricing Structure shall be levied on the said outstanding balances.
  24. HLB will not be responsible for and disclaims all liability to any actions, claims, loss, damages, costs, charges and expenses, which a Cardholder may suffer, sustain or incur by his participation in the Cash-on-Call Service.
  25. In addition to the terms stipulated above, the Cardholder agrees that the general terms and conditions in the Cardholder Agreement shall be read together with this terms and conditions as an entire agreement. Any discrepancies between this terms and conditions with the general terms and conditions contained in the Cardholder Agreement, the specific terms above shall prevail.

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