1) How do I become a member of Hong Leong Club Rewards?
  Just by owning a principal Hong Leong Visa, MasterCard or American Express Credit Card.

* (Excludes Hong Leong Essential Visa Card, Hong Leong Mobile Credit Card and other co-branded credit cards such as Hong Leong HLG Securities Credit Card.)
2) How do I earn Reward Points from non-credit card products*?
  Here's how:
Product Type
Reward Features
Home Financing
(Term Financing)*
0.1 Reward Points for every RM1 in increased
balances from last anniversary month.
One Account(s)
(average ledger balance)*
Unit Trust(s)
(Equity Funds)*
Credit Card
1 Reward Point for every RM1 spent
*Only for Priority Banking customers
For example:
As a Hong Leong Club Rewards member as well as a Priority Banking customer, you can easily earn 31,000 Reward Points* on your first anniversary, and that is excluding your credit card usage!

Here's how:
Product Type
Hong Leong Club Rewards joining month
Balances as of 1st Anniversary
Balances as of 2nd Anniversary
Balances as of 3rd Anniversary
One Account 1
RM 50,000
RM 60,000
RM 40,000
RM 50,000
One Account 2
RM 0
RM 80,000
RM 90,000
One Account 3
RM 0
RM 0
RM 0
RM 200,000
Unit Trust
RM 200,000
RM 250,000
RM 200,000
RM 300,000
Home Financing 1
RM 150,000
RM 125,000
RM 100,000
RM 75,000
Home Financing 2
RM 0
RM 300,000
RM 275,000
RM 250,000
Total aggregate balance
RM 400,000*
RM 710,000*
RM 295,000*
RM 965,000*
On the 1st anniversary, the aggregate balances increase by RM 310,000* (RM 710,000 - RM 400,000 = RM 310,000). Thus Reward Points awarded = 31,000 Reward Points*.
On the 2nd anniversary, the aggregate balances decrease by RM 415,000* (RM 295,000 - RM 710,000 = (RM 415,000)). Thus no Reward Points will be awarded.
On the 3rd anniversary, the aggregate balances increase by RM 670,000* (RM 964,000 - RM 295,000 = RM 670,000). Thus Reward Points awarded = 67,000 Reward Points*
* Amount is for illustration only
3) What must I do to earn Reward Points from my non-credit card banking products?
  You must be a principal Hong Leong Visa, MasterCard or American Express Credit Card as well as a Priority Banking customer. Please visit any of Hong Leong Bank's Priority Banking center for further details.
4) Will I still get Reward Points if I losses my Priority Banking status?
  Yes, ONLY from credit card retail transactions. Reward Points from Mortgage, Unit Trust, and/or One Account increased balances will not be awarded as it is only for Priority Banking customers.
5) Will I be entitled to Reward Points for Joint Account?
  Yes, provided that you are the Primary account holder of that Joint Account as well as the principal credit card-holder.
6) How can I check my Reward Points balances?
  Just refer to your monthly credit card statement or logged on to www.hlb.com.my.
7) How long are my Reward Points valid for?
  Your Reward Points are valid up to three (3) calendar years.
8) my supplementary cardholder(s) earn me Reward Points?
  Yes, only for credit card usage. The points will be added into your account.
9) Who can redeem the Reward Points?
  Only principal Hong Leong Club Rewards members can redeem the Reward Points.
10) How do I sign up?
  Just come to any of our branches, call us or visit our website.
For more information, please visit any of our 186 branches or call 1800-38-8888 or log on to www.hlb.com.my
For Priority Banking customers, you can call 1800-18-9000 for more information.
Terms and conditions apply. Hong Leong Bank Berhad reserves the right to review and change Hong Leong Club Rewards features and benefits at our discretion from time to time. Please click here for a copy of the terms and conditions