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Hong Leong Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit

Invest in Foreign Currencies to earn high FD interest today!

Following the Liberalization on the Foreign Exchange Administrative Rules on 1 April 2005, opportunities are now opened to most Malaysians to invest in foreign currencies.

At Hong Leong Bank, we have made investing in foreign currencies attractive and easy for you. You can start your investment in any of the 10 major foreign currencies, as stated below.

Check out our interest rates now.

Preferential Forex Conversion Rates are given to those who open an account with us now, which means you get more value from every Ringgit you invest.

For more information on the Foreign Currency Accounts, please visit any of our Hong Leong Bank branches near to you.

Please note that investing in foreign currencies is subjected to exchange rate risk. The Foreign Currency Accounts and its accountholders are subject to guidelines under the Exchange Control of Malaysia (ECM) Notices and Bank Negara Malaysia.

Click here for the Foreign Currency Account Terms and Conditions.

Eligible for Protection by PIDM


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