Unit Trust

Unit Trust is an investment scheme that pools money from many investors who share similar financial objectives, investment strategy and risk tolerance.

The pooled fund will then be invested by professional investment management companies in a diversified portfolio of authorized investments, on behalf of investors.

Authorized investments are Securities Commission (SC) approved stocks, bonds, commercial papers, government securities, treasury bills which includes direct business ventures, unquoted securities, foreign securities etc.

UTMC Fund's Full Name File to refer
AmInvestment Services Berhad (Am) AmAsia-Pacific Property Equities
AmGlobal Agribusiness
AmGlobal Climate Change
AmGlobal Emerging Markets Opportunities
AmGlobal Enhanced Equity Yield
AmGlobal Property Equities
AmOasis Global Islamic Equity
AmPan European Property Equities
AmSchroder European Equity Alpha
AmPrecious Metals
CIMB-PRINCIPAL (CIMB) CIMB Islamic Asia Pacific Equity Fund
CIMB - Principal Emerging Asia
CIMB - Principal Global Titans
CIMB - Principal Greater China Equity
CIMB-Principal MENA Equity
HLG Unit Trust Berhad (HLG) HLG Growth Fund
HLG Penny Stock Fund
HLG Blue Chip Fund
HLG SECTORAL FUND consisting of:

  • HLG Consumer Products Sector Fund
  • HLG Industrial & Technology Sector Fund
  • HLG Construction, Infrastructure & Property Sector Fund
  • HLG Trading & Services Sector Fund
  • HLG Finance Sector Fund
HLG Bond Fund
HLG Balanced Fund
HLG Dana Maarof
HLG Dana Makmur
HLG Dana Munir
HLG Dividend Fund
HLG Diversified Strategic Fund
HLG Strategic Fund
HLG Institutional Bond Fund
HLG Asia-Pacific Dividend Fund
HLG Global Healthcare Fund
HLG Global Bond Fund
HLG Asia-Pacific Infrastructure Fund
HLG GEM Resources Strategic Fund
HLG Global Resources Income Fund
HLG Islamic Income Management Fund
HLG Global Lifestyle Balanced Fund
HLG Global Value Fund
HLG Star Portfolio Fund
HLG Asia-Pacific Property Income Plus Fund
HLG European Dividend Growth Fund
HLG Shariah Inflation Select Fund
HLG Star Select - Capital Protected
Hwang-DBS Unit Trust Berhad (Hwang-DBS) Hwang-DBS Aiiman Balanced Fund
Hwang-DBS Aiiman Growth Fund
Hwang-DBS Select Opportunity
Hwang-DBS Select Balanced Fund
Hwang-DBS Select Bond Fund
Hwang-DBS Capital Guaranteed Fund III
Hwang-DBS Select Income Fund
Hwang-DBS IM Guaranteed Fund
Hwang-DBS Global Property Fund
Hwang-DBS Global Emerging Markets
Hwang-DBS Global Infrastructure
Hwang-DBS Environmental Opportunities
Hwang-DBS Asia Aspire Cap Protected Fund
Hwang-DBS Enhanced Deposit Fund
ING Funds Berhad(ING) ING Global Real Estate
ING Baraka Capital Protected
ING Baraka Capital Protected II
ING GIO Capital Protected
ING Global Dividend
ING Income Plus
ING Annual Income Climate Structured
ING China Access
ING Annual Alpha Access Capital Protected
OSK-UOB Unit Trust Management Berhad (OSK-UOB) OSK-UOB Emerging Opportunity Fund
OSK-UOB Small Cap Opportunity Fund
OSK-UOB Kidsave Trust
OSK-UOB Equity Trust
OSK-UOB KLCI Tracker Fund
OSK-UOB Income Fund
OSK-UOB Dana Islam
OSK-UOB Smart Treasure Fund
OSK-UOB Smart Balanced Fund
OSK-UOB Smart Income Fund
OSK-UOB Growth & Income Focus
OSK-UOB Global Equity Yield Fund
OSK-UOB Big Cap China Enterprise
OSK-UOB Resources Fund
OSK-UOB Global New Stars Fund
OSK-UOB Golden Dragon Fund
OSK-UOB Muhibbah Income Fund
OSK-UOB Capital Guaranteed BRIC Fund
OSK-UOB Asian Growth Opportunities Fund
OSK-UOB Asia Pacific Fund
OSK-UOB Asia Active Allocation Fund
OSK-UOB Thematic Growth Fund
OSK-UOB Malaysia Dividend Fund
OSK-UOB Global Capital Fund
OSK-UOB Money Market Fund
OSK-UOB Capital Protected Equity Fund
OSK-UOB Capital Protected Gold Linked Fund
OSK-UOB Energy Fund
Pheim Unit Trust Berhad (Pheim) Pheim Emerging Companies Balance Fund
Pheim Income Fund
Pheim Dana Makmur
Pheim Asia Ex-Japan Fund
Pheim Asia Ex-Japan Islamic Fund
Prudential Fund Management Berhad (PRU) PRU Small-cap Fund
PRU Growth Fund
PRU Balanced Fund
PRU Bond Fund
PRU Dana Al-Ilham
PRU Dana Al-Islah
PRU International Bank Target 8 Fund
PRU Cash Fund
PRU Asia Pacific Equity Fund
PRU Asia Pacific Income Fund
PRU Asia Select Income Fund
PRU Commodity Plus Structured Fund
PRU Enhanced Income Fund
PRU Global Basics Fund
PRU Global Leaders Fund
PRU 08 Cap Protected Asian Infrastructure Fund
PRU Country Selection Fund
PRU Shariah FX Fund
PRU Equity Income Fund
PRU Emerging Market Rates
TA Investment Management (TA) TA Global Asset Allocator Fund
TA South East Asia Equity Fund
TA European Equity Fund
TA ABN AMRO Utilities Fund


This document is not intended to be an invitation or offer for subscription of Unit Trusts nor does it amount to a solicitation by the bank for subscription of Unit Trusts by anyone. Investors are advised to read and understand the contents of the prospectus before investing. Investors should note that there are fees and charges involved in the purchase of Unit Trusts. Investors are advised to consider the fees and charges involved before investing and consult their licensed financial or other professional advisors, if in doubt about any feature or nature of the fund. Please note, the price of units and dividends payable, if any, may go up or down. Past performance of a fund is not an indicator of its future performance. The returns on Unit Trust investments are not guaranteed and Unit Trusts do not constitute bank deposits or obligations nor guaranteed by the bank and are subject to investments risks, including the possible loss of the principle amount invested. Unit Trusts Schemes are not insured by PIDM.

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