"Bank" means Hong Leong Bank Berhad ("HLBB").

"Card" means Hong Leong American Express, MasterCard and/or Visa card issued by the Bank.
"Card Account" means the account of the Cardholder with the Bank, opened in respect of the Card.
"Cardholder" means the person to whom the Card is issued by the Bank and includes the Supplementary Cardholder(s) where the context so requires which is eligible to participate in the Programme.
"Fast Track" is an alternate redemption option which uses a combination of Reward Points ("RP") and Ringgit Malaysia ("RM") value portion fixed under the Programme.
"Flight Rewards" ("FR") means the transfer of RP to the participating airline available for frequent flyers on such airline.
"Gifts" means all rewards provided by the Programme which includes goods, vouchers, services, travel packages and any other privileges contained in this Programme. The Bank reserves the right to cancel, change or substitute any reward at any time without prior notice.
"Merchant" is an individual, firm or company engaged in the business of selling and providing goods and/or services featured in the Programme.
"Programme" means the Hong Leong Club Rewards Catalogue 2011/2012 and includes any variations or amendments to the same as may be made by the Bank from time to time.
"Reward Points" ("RP") means the points awarded to the Cardholder under the Programme in pursuant with these T&C.

Unless the contest otherwise requires, words and expressions respectively defined or construed in the Cardholder's Agreement Terms & Conditions shall have the same meanings when used or referred to herein and words referring to the male gender shall include the female gender and words referring to the singular number shall include the plural number and vice versa.



  Validity of Reward Points
RP earned in a particular year are valid for up to three (3) calendar years. For example:
Year Reward Points Accumulation Reward Points Expiry
2008 1 January 2008 to 31 December 2008 31 December 2010
2009 1 January 2009 to 31 December 2009 31 December 2011
2010 1 January 2010 to 31 December 2010 31 December 2012
The expiry date of RP expiring in a particular year shall be the last day of that year. All the RP must be redeemed prior to their expiry. Thereafter, all unredeemed RP will be automatically cancelled without notification to customers.

The various applicable expiry dates shown in the monthly credit card statement and any unused points earned and accumulated will NOT be carried forward upon their expiry.



By participating in the Programme, the Cardholder is subject to the following T&C and the Cardholder Agreement Terms & Conditions.
In order to be eligible to redeem or earn RP, the Cardholder's Card Account(s) must be valid and in good standing, not overdue in payment, or exceeded its credit card limit, account(s) must not be believed by the Bank to be opened and operated fraudulently or any Card Account(s) cancel led or terminated by the bank.
The Bank's cash rebate cards Eg. Hong Leong Essential, Hong Leong Fortune, Hong Leong Assurance Card and Hong Leong Platinum Business Card are EXCLUDED from this Programme.


  Earning of Reward Points
The Cardholders will earn one (1) RP for every RM 1.00 billed on local and international retail purchases to the Cardholder's Principal and Supplementary Card Account. The Bank will not be responsible for any delay in actual posting of the transaction and/or accrual of RP during the Programme.
4.2 Where applicable the Cardholder will also earn RP from various Bank's products, subject to changes from time to time as determined by the Bank.
4.3 RP awarded to the Cardholder will be based on the total value of RM posted for the retail purchases (local and international) made on the credit cards, including Supplementary Credit Card(s).
4.4 The Card holder will NOT earn RP for the following transactions or charges:-
a) Cash Advance
b) Annual Fee
c) Balance Transfer
d) Late Payment Charges
e) Disputes Charges
f) Fraud Charges
g) Finance Charges
h) Card Replacement Fee
i) Delivery Charges
j) Petrol Purchases
k) Cash Payments
l) Credit Card Service Tax
m) Any other fees, charges or penalties will not be included in the calculation of RP
The accumulation of one (1) RP for every RM1.00 may be subject to change from time to time as determined by the Bank.
The Bank reserves the right to alter the period during which the Cardholder must use the RP by giving a minimum of 30 days notice in writing. The change will take affect from the date stated in such notice.
RP accumulated will be reflected in Cardholder's monthly card statement. Only RP reflected in Cardholder's card statement can be used for redemption.
There is no monetary or cash value given for the RP accrued. Accrued RP are not redeemable or convertible to cash unless stated otherwise.
4.9 RP earned are not transferable to any third party.


  Gifts Redemption
Redemption form(s) once accepted by the Bank CANNOT be revoked, cancelled or exchanged. Once RP have been redeemed, such RP shall be deemed extinguished and STRICTLY CANNOT be reinstated.
Redemption of Gifts with insufficient RP will be rejected.
Redemption can only be executed by the Principal Cardholder only by duly completing and signing off the redemption forms and fax or mail back the forms to the Bank, or by making redemption orders via online, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) or Call "N" Redeem.
Upon receipt, the redemption forms will be processed by the Bank and the Bank may notify the Cardholder if it is unable to process or deliver the Gifts. All rewards are subject to availability and any restrictions that may apply as to where and when the Gifts can be redeemed.
The Cardholder is allowed to combine the RP earned in the Card Accounts for redemption.
Where thePrincipal Cardholder who has more than one Card Account with the Bank, voluntarily cancels any Card Account but retains at least one valid Card Account that earns RP with the Bank, any RP accrued in the cancelled Card Account(s), at the Bank's sole discretion, may be used for the Programme.
RP accumulated in the Principal Cardholder's Card Account plus that of the Supplementary Card Account can only be redeemed by the Principal Cardholder.
Any dispute concerning goods and/or services received as a reward under the Programme shall be settled between the Cardholder and the Merchant without recourse to the Bank.
The Bank is not responsible with respect to death, injury, consequential loss or damage of whatever nature suffered by the Cardholder and if applicable, or 3rd party arising from the redemption of the Gifts, including but not limited to any injury or loss suffered pursuant to the holiday packages, cancellation of holiday packages, extra charges, delay and resulting from any advice, pointers, tips and directions as may be contained in this Programme or from the loss, theft, destruction of a Gift.
Gifts that consist of certificates/vouchers issued by Merchant(s) cannot be encashed and are valid for use until the date specified and subject to Terms & Conditions herein. If they remain unused after the specified date, the certificates/ vouchers will lapse and will not be replaced. The Bank is not responsible for expired, lost or stolen certificates/vouchers or Gifts.
The Terms & Conditions specified in the certificates/vouchers are beyond the Bank's control and are determined by the Merchants. Any dispute arising under the Terms & Conditions of the certificates and/or vouchers shall be settled directly by the Cardholder with the Merchants. The Bank will not be responsible in replacing or cancelling any redemption as a result of such dispute.
Gifts that consist of certificates and/or vouchers issued by suppliers cannot be encashed and are valid until the date specified and subject to terms and conditions therein. If they remained unused after the specified date, the certificates and/or vouchers will lapse and will not be replaced.
In the event that the certificates and/or vouchers takes the form of a cash voucher(s), the Cardholder can use the Bank's Credit Card to pay the difference to the participating service establishment(s) should the purchase be in excess of the value stated on the cash voucher(s).There will be no refund of the unused portion of the value the cash voucher(s).
Issuance of a dining, travel, or hotel/resort voucher does not constitute a reservation with the service establishment(s). The Cardholder(s) is responsible for making the reservations and notifying the participating service establishment(s) of the voucher(s) they are going to redeem. Hotel / resort voucher(s) will not be extended upon expiry.
Any additional meals, transportation, accommodation or any other arrangements made in connection with any Gifts will be the sole responsibility of the Cardholder(s).
The Bank is not responsible for expired, lost or stolen Gifts certificate(s) and/or voucher(s) or items. Gifts certificate(s) and/or voucher(s) of a service establishment are only valid at participating outlets listed in the certificate(s) and/or voucher(s) or the Programme.
Redeemed Gifts certificate(s) and/or voucher(s) are not exchangeable for other Gifts, are not refundable, not replaceable, and not transferable for cash or credit under any circumstances.
The Bank will NOT (a) replace; or (b) assist a Cardholder by placing a hold or freeze status on any misplaced, lost or stolen Gifts certificate(s) and/or voucher(s) under any circumstances.
In the event that the Cardholder's choice of Gift(s) is unavailable, the Bank will replace it with a substitute of similar value. All Gift(s) are available while stocks last and the Bank reserves the right without giving any prior notice nor assigning any reason whatsoever to the Cardholders to discontinue and/or replace the Gifts featured herein with different product, colour, model or services.
There is "NO TRIAL PERIOD" for all Gifts.
Cardholders who opt for the "Fast Track" redemption option hereby authorize the Bank to debit his/ her Card Account to pay the said RM value portion of the redemption. No cash, cheque or any other mode of payment will be accepted for the "Fast Track".
Cardholder(s) are only allowed to redeem the Annual Fee after the fee has been charged to the Card Account. Waiver of the Annual Fee would be exercised within a period of 3 months from the date fee is charged.

Effective 15 April 2011, Cardholders shall be responsible for re-direction and/or re-delivery fee charges for the following:

  1. RM10 Re-direction Fee charge on every Cardholder's request to re-direct to a different address for product delivery after first unsuccessful delivery attempt.
  2. RM10 Re-delivery Fee charge on every Cardholder's request to re-deliver to the same address for product delivery after first unsuccessful delivery attempt.

Alternatively, Cardholders have the option of using 2,500 RP to off-set the RM10 fee for re-direction and/or re-delivery . Change of delivery address will only be allowed if Gifts have not been sent out to Cardholders. The aforesaid RM10 fee or 2,500 RP will be debited into Cardholder's Card Account.



  Flight Rewards ("FR") Redemption
Only those Cardholders who have successfully registered with the participating airline's FR prior to redemption and inform the Bank of his/her FR account number at the point of redemption will be able to redeem for FR miles (Eg. MAS Enrich).
For avoidance of doubt, the conversion of RP into any FR miles under the Programme shall take not less than 42 days for the completion of the conversion from the date of receipt of the FR Redemption Form and The Bank is under no obligation to affect a manual transfer.
The Bank will not be liable for any delay in processing and crediting of FR miles into the principal or primary Cardholder's FR membership account.
The Bank reserves the right to revoke and withdraw participation in FR and the right to change conversion rate under any one or more of the FR without prior notice to the Cardholders.
Cardholders are subject to the terms & conditions of the relevant participating airline's FR.
In the event if the transfer of RP to the FR is not successful or rejected, the Bank is under no obligation to notify Cardholder, investigate and affect a manual transfer.
There shall be no reversion upon successful conversion and transfer of RP tothe FR miles


  Delivery of Gifts
All Gifts supplied will be covered by the Principal's normal terms of business. Except where the law provides otherwise, the Bank will not be responsible for the quality or suitability of the goods or services or for any delay in the delivery.
The Cardholders shall provide an address in Malaysia to the Bank for delivery of Gifts. No delivery of the Gift(s) will be made to a P.O. Box address.
Delivery of Gift(s)/voucher(s) or item(s) shall be deemed to be made if presented at the address furnished by the Cardholder in his/her redemption request form.
Delivery of Gift(s) to outside Malaysia (other countries) is not allowable not withstanding that the Cardholders agree to pay for the delivery charges.
Delivery of any document eg. Gift certificates and/or vouchers will be sent via courier service. In the event Cardholders are not available to receive at the delivery address, the Cardholders will be required to liaise directly with the courier service company to make re-arrangements.
The Bank is not obliged no replace any lost certificates and/or vouchers should the Cardholders fail to collect the certificate(s) and/or voucher(s) on time as specified in the "attempt card". It is the Cardholder's responsibility to liaise directly with the courier service on any non-collection or unclaimed documents.
The Bank will make arrangements to deliver the Gifts to Cardholders within 21 working days (barring any unforeseen circumstances) from the date of receipt of the redemption request by the Bank.
The Cardholder shall be responsible for courier charges for any re-direction and the fee will be debited into Cardholder's Card Account for any change in delivery address. Any changes on the delivery address will only be allowed if Gifts have not been sent out to Cardholders.
Cardholders or recipients of Gifts is obliged to present ID documentation to the delivery staff, failing which the delivery staff has the right to refuse delivery and will return the Gifts to the Bank as unclaimed.
Delivery of Gift(s) will only be made against written acknowledgement of receipt of the Gift(s) by occupant at the address of delivery and where such address is an office address, by any member of the office. Such acknowledgement shall be deemed to be the acknowledgement of the Cardholder.
In the event Cardholder does not receive his/her redeemed Gift(s) upon the expiry of 2l days from the date of the redemption form, it is the Cardholder's responsibility to inform the Bank no later than 2 months from the expiry of the 2l days whereupon the Bank will arrange for the delivery of the Gifts to the Cardholder provided there is proof(s) of non-delivery from the Bank's appointed agent. Upon the expiry of the said 2 months, Cardholder shall be deemed to have had received and accepted the Gift(s) and the Cardholder shall have no right of recourse against the Bank.
RP deducted for these Gifts will be considered cancelled and forfeited at the Bank's sole discretion and will not be refunded.
The Gift(s) accepted by Cardholder(s) or his/her representative in good condition is strictly non-returnable and non-exchangeable. Cardholder(s) or his/her representative is advised to examine the Gift(s) upon receipt. Should the Gift(s) arrive faulty or damaged, it is Cardholder(s) responsibility to return the Gift(s) at Cardholder(s) own cost in the Gift(s) original state and packaging for a replacement within 3 days upon receipt of Gift(s) by Cardholder(s) or his/her representatives. Replacement of Gift(s ) is not allowable if Cardholder(s) fails to return the Gift(s) within 3 days.

The Cardholder authorizes the Bank to debit his/her Card Account for the delivery cost of replacement. The amount debited is non-negotiable and final.



The Bank can suspend or terminate the Programme at any time it deems necessary. In such a case, the Bank shall give advance written notice to Principal Cardholder in the manner it deems appropriate.
Termination of the Programme will take effect on the date stated in the notice. The Cardholder must use any outstanding points within 30 days of the termination date. All outstanding points will be automatically cancelled upon the expiry of this 30-day period.


The Programme catalogue is valid for redemption from 1 December 2010 to 31 December 2012 while stocks last.
The Bank assumes no responsibility for any claims, losses, costs, expenses, or damages of whatever nature resulting from the Cardholder(s) redemption of either the FR or the Gift(s).
Suspected or actual fraud and/or suspected or actual abuse relating to the accumulation of RP in the Programme, or redemption of Gift(s)and/or including transfer of RP to participating airlines' FR, may result in forfeiture of accumulated RP as well as cancellation of Cardholder(s) participation in the Programme.
If any of Cardholder(s) Card Account(s) is not in good standing (overdue in payment or exceeded limit), Cardholder(s) participation in the Programme maybe cancelled or RP accrued in the Cardholder(s) Card Account maybe forfeited. Failure to adhere to the Terms & Conditions governing the Programme and/or Cardholder(s) Card Account may cancel Cardholder(s) participation in the Programme and/or forfeit Cardholder(s) accrued RP.
In the event Cardholder(s) cancels any one or all his/her Principal Card Account(s) with the Bank or if for any reason, the Bank cancels all or any of Cardholder(s) principal Card Account, RP accrued no such principal Card Account(s) and to all Supplementary Card Account(s) issued under such principal Card Account)s)will be cancelled and forfeited, and will not be capable of Gift(s) or FR redemption.
By participating in this Programme, all Cardholders consent for HLB to disclose the Cardholders' particular to HLB's service providers and/or suppliers for the purposes of running this Programme and delivering the redeemed item(s).
All questions or disputes regarding eligibility for the Programme or the eligibility of points of accrual or redemption of rewards including transfer of RP to a participating airline's FR, will be determined by the Bank at its sole discretion without assigning any reasons thereof or notification to Cardholders.
Any props, accessories or equipments featured together with the Gifts in any pictorial herein are for decorative purposes and shall not form part the Gifts to be redeemed by the Cardholder.
The Bank reserves the right to cancel or amend the Programme T&C wholly or partly at any time without prior notice or arranging any reason whatsoever to the Cardholders.
The Bank's failure to enforce a particular Term and Condition does not constitute a waiver of the Term and Condition by the Rank.
The T&C in this document shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Malaysia and the customers agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Malaysia.





The redemption items in Hong Leong Club Rewards Catalogue 2011/2012 and/or any new releases of redemption gifts from time to time are applicable to Hong Leong Principle Cardholders only.
Former Principle EON Cardholders may proceed to make redemption at http://www.eonbank.com.my/personal_banking/promotions/Plus_Rewards/cc_catalogue_index.shtml
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