Corporate & Social Responsibility – Hong Kong Branch

HLB is built on a strong heritage of value creation for our stakeholders and communities where we operate. Over the years, we have taken a progressive approach in integrating sustainability into our businesses to become stronger and more resilient. We are committed to grow our businesses responsibly, balancing environmental with economic considerations, as well as creating a positive impact for our stakeholders and contributing to our communities

One of our core driving principles is that we are “here for the long term”.  This underlies our commitment to sustainability, which we believe hinges on always keeping in mind our economic, environmental and social (“EES”) commitments. Through EES stewardship, we have built strong relationships with the people who matter, namely our customers, staff, shareholders/investors, suppliers/vendors, regulators and communities at large.

The Hong Kong Branch, as part of the HLB, is committed to this important corporate value. We extend our service excellence to our customers and business partners in Hong Kong. Our philanthropy and community outreach through a series of volunteering and social development activities also demonstrate our care to the betterment of the community in which we operate.

Asiamoney Award 2017

The Community Chest Walk for Million Hong Kong

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Flag Day

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Sowers Action Challenging 12 Hours Silver Foot Award

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