Can You Hack It 2022

Join us on a journey to re-imagine banking in the metaverse. We aspire to have products and solutions that are personalised and easy for our customers in both the physical and virtual world. We are calling for top talents in emerging technologies, such as Blockchain, Cloud Computing, AI, Machine Learning, AR/VR and Big Data to hack out-of-the-box solutions to solve the problem statements provided and stand a chance to join our growing team of Malaysia’s best digital bankers!

Why You Should Join

Network and learn from industry leading professionals

Get scouted for potential roles within Hong Leong Bank & Hong Leong Group

Potential collaboration and pilot projects with Hong Leong Bank and the Hong Leong Group

Highlights From Our Previous Hackathon

Here’s What You Could Win



Trophy and Winner Certificate

2nd Prize


Trophy and Winner Certificate

3rd Prize


Trophy and Winner Certificate

Consolation Prize x 7 Teams (4th to 10th place)

RM500 & Certificate

Special Award x 10 RM500

and many more...

Programme Timeline

Application Phase
8 Sep - 22 Oct 2022

Top 40 Teams Selected
22 Oct 2022

Pre-Hack Briefing (Online)
26 Oct 2022

28 Oct ( 6pm onwards ) - 29 Oct 2022

Grand Final : Demo Day
30 Oct 2022

Problem Statements

We challenge you to re-imagine the future of digital banking by solving one of the problem statements listed under the two (2) pillars below. You may choose to build your solutions in the current world, metaverse or both. Solutions that include elements from the metaverse will earn you bonus points.

#1 Experiencing The Metaverse

  • How can we create immersive and engaging banking experiences? (e.g. sales, servicing and marketing experiences)

  • How can we find new ways for customers, businesses and communities to collaborate and co-create products or services?

  • How can we help asset owners to store & safeguard their digital assets? (e.g. digital art, land, property, etc.)

#2 Hyper Personalisation

  • How can we create personalised digital banking experiences that make customers feel unique? (e.g. saving, investing, financing experiences, etc.)

  • How can we help customers achieve their financial and life goals digitally? (e.g. attaining a target financial status, investment goals, owning a property, owning a vehicle, etc.)

  • How can we use gamification to increase brand stickiness and make digital banking more engaging? (e.g. challenge-based, play-to-earn gamification models, etc.)

  • How can we use digital solutions to increase financial literacy and develop micro behaviours to promote healthy financial habits?

Submission Guidelines

Interested applicants need to form a group of three (3). Applicants who wish to have a higher chance of making it to the next stage are recommended to send in an idea deck with a maximum of six (6) slides together with the application. Applicants may refer to the information below as a guideline for the content of their slides.

Team Name

This will be the front page for your idea deck where we require you to show your team’s name clearly

Problem Statement

Pick the problem statement that you intend to solve. You may expand the problem statement beyond its boundaries, together with your storyline


Tell us what makes your solution special and how it would be different from some of the solutions that exists today


Give us a brief description of how your solution could work

Customer Persona

Describe the needs of your target market and how you will address them

Team Members

Introduce your team members with a short profile description


  • How do I sign up?

    You need to fill up our application form and submit it through the event’s website. All successful teams will be notified through email and phone before 22nd October 2022. Registration closes on Friday, 22nd October 2022 at 11:59pm GMT+8.

  • Yes. You are required to form a team with a minimum of two (2) or a maximum of three (3) members to be eligible for the Hackathon.

  • Yes, but please make sure you have at least one team member with the relevant experience so that you can build and submit a working prototype.

  • This competition is open for everyone of any age who resides in Malaysia.

  • You are required to build a prototype based on the problem statements that you pick. Let's get creative and start coding!

  • Yes, we will provide meals and free flow of snacks.

  • All successful participants will need to attend our kick-off session on Friday, 28th October 2022. On Friday, participants need to return home after the kick-off session has ended. On Saturday, 29th October 2022, participants are recommended to stay at the venue to hack throughout the night. If your team is selected as the finalists, you will have the chance to showcase your solution on Sunday, 30th October 2022.

  • Yes. If you are selected as a semi-finalist or finalist, you and your team are required to attend the Hackathon at Hong Leong Tower.

  • For the first round of submission, you and your team are encouraged to send us an idea deck based on the submission guidelines given above. For semi-finalists, you and your team are required to send us a pitch deck together with your prototype. For finalists, you and your team are required to pitch and demo your prototype to the judges.

  • Yes, as long as you're able to attend the event physically if you're selected as a semi-finalist or finalist.

  • Problem statements can be found here

  • You can email us here