Can You Hack It Hong Leong Bank Hong Leong Islamic Bank

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Can You Hack It Datathon 2020, the first of its kind competition brought by Hong Leong Bank Berhad & Hong Leong Islamic Bank Berhad and the partner companies, was the Bank’s inaugural Data Hackathon which revolved around the importance of data in banking. The competition was targeted at data enthusiasts, where various business cases & mock datasets in the field of banking were provided for the participants to come up with valuable data insights and new business propositions.

2020 Solo Category Past Winners

Yeap Zhe Chyuan

First Runner-up

Johann Oh

Grand Champion

Shaun Loong

Second Runner-up

Team Category Ranking


First Runner-up

Cheng Shyong Phung &
Benjamin Yau


Grand Champion

Mohd Ishtiaque Hossain,
See Kai Jun &
Pang Ghee Jian


Second Runner-up

Goh Kun Shun ,
Foo Chi Siong &
Sheldon Soo

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