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Foreign Exchange & Related Products

Foreign Exchange Rates

We provide foreign exchange quotations at all our branches for a wide spectrum of currencies to meet your inward and outward remittance needs for retail and commercial transactions. In an effort to enhance efficiencies and your convenience in the process of foreign exchange bookings, our branches are able to offer quotations based on the following threshold amounts:

RM 10,000 & below equivalent in foreign currencies Counter Rate
Below RM30,000 in foreign currencies Manager's Rate
Below RM150,000 in foreign currencies - (HLBB credit card, HLG, Travel companies, trade finance and remittances) Preferential Forex Rate
Above RM 150,000 in foreign currencies Please Contact the Respective Branch to get Special Rate (SR) from Global Markets
Any amount for student remittance transactions Student Forex Rate
Any amount for bank's value/star customers - To be approved by HL Market's dealers only Corporate Forex Rate

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