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Hong Leong Bank Relaunched in Kuching

Kuching's flagship branch renews its heritage in the city of its origin

Kuching, 11 November 2010 - Hong Leong Bank marks a renewal of its long heritage in Sarawak with the upgrading of its flagship branch on Jalan Pending, which is incidentally the second Hong Leong Bank branch to open its doors in Kuching in June 1983. It was here in Kuching, 105 years ago, that the Bank was established as the Kwong Lee Mortgage and Remittance Company. More than a century later, HLB remains as committed as ever to serving the needs of the local community in Kuching through its newly re-energised premises.

"Kuching is where it all started for Hong Leong Bank - our banking business began here in Kuching as Kwong Lee Mortgage and Remittance Company, which prospered on the great enterprise of the local community in the early 1900s. We are pleased that we are still doing business here more than 100 years after we began. This is testament to our Bank's commitment to sustainable business and long-term vision," commented Ms. Yvonne Chia, Group Managing Director of Hong Leong Bank, on the occasion of the Jalan Pending branch relaunch.

"Sarawak is home to more than 118,000 square feet of Hong Leong Bank branch space across 18 branches. We will continue to embed ourselves into the many diverse communities of Sarawak. Our investment here in Jalan Pending is an indication that we are here to stay in Kuching - for at least another hundred years, if not more," continued Ms. Chia.

Jalan Pending's relaunch is the latest in a series of branch enhancements by the Hong Leong Bank. A few months earlier, the Bank opened 4 new and relocated branches in the Klang Valley and in late October relaunched its Light Street branch in Penang.

The Bank is focused on both expanding its reach into new local markets, and just as importantly, on upgrading the customer experience for communities where it is already embedded like Jalan Pending. About 20% of the Bank's existing branch network will be refreshed to better fulfil current customers' needs.

"Our relaunch of our Jalan Pending branch here today is a key step on our growth path. We value our long-term relationships: this very branch boasts of more than 2,000 customers that have been banking with us for more than 20 years, and more than half its customers have been with the Bank for more than 10 years. As a Bank we will invest energy and resources into our current branch network, because nurturing our long-term bonds with our customers is pivotal to our growth agenda going forward. We value our customers and our customers come first," concluded Ms. Chia.

The upgraded Jalan Pending branch in Kuching offers HLB's Personal Financial Services, a Priority Banking Centre, a Business Centre, a Mortgage Centre, an Auto Loan Centre, bancassurance specialists and branch banking transaction services. Also for customers' convenience, there is an eBanking Centre open 24/7 with 3 ATMs, 3 Cash Deposit Machines and 2 Cheque Deposit Machines.


Press Release - 11/11/2010