Eligible For Protection By PIDM

Eligible for protection by PIDM


To enhance your knowledge about deposit insurance and other related matters with PIDM's resource materials, please visit http://www.pidm.gov.my/Public-Awareness-Initiatives/Information-Materials to download the PIDM e-brochures.

Item No.Name of Deposit Product NameDeposit Type
1.Hong Leong Basic Current AccountCurrent Account
2.Hong Leong Current AccountCurrent Account
3.Hong Leong Foreign Currency Current AccountCurrent Account
4.Hong Leong MortgagePlus Current AccountCurrent Account
5.Hong Leong Business Current AccountCurrent Account
6.Money Box Deposit Account (Mach by Hong Leong Bank)Current Account
7.Drive Account (Mach by Hong Leong Bank)Current Account
8.Hong Leong Power SME Current AccountCurrent Account
9.Hong Leong BizOne Solution- BizOne Current AccountCurrent Account
10.Mach MortgagePlus House Current AccountCurrent Account
11.Hong Leong Basic Savings AccountSavings Account
12.Hong Leong Savings AccountSavings Account
13.Hong Leong One AccountSavings Account
14.Hong Leong Smartlink AccountSavings Account
15.Hong Leong Senior Savers Savings AccountSavings Account
16.Hong Leong Junior Savings AccountSavings Account
17.Hong Leong Pay&Save AccountSavings Account
18.Hong Leong Premium Savings AccountSavings Account
19.Dream Jar Savings Account (Mach by Hong Leong Bank)Savings Account
20.Money Box Deposit (Savings Account)Savings Account
21.Hong Leong Top Yield AccountSavings Account
22.Hong Leong Harvest Savings AccountSavings Account
23.Hong Leong Junior Savings & Junior Fixed Deposit AccountSavings/Fixed Deposit Account
24.Hong Leong Fixed DepositFixed Deposit Account
25.Hong Leong Flexi Fixed DepositFixed Deposit Account
26.Hong Leong Senior Savers Flexi Fixed Deposit/Senior Savers Fixed DepositFixed Deposit Account
27.Hong Leong Priority Banking Premium Fixed DepositFixed Deposit Account
28.Hong Leong Foreign Currency Fixed DepositFixed Deposit Account
29.Hong Leong Business Fixed DepositFixed Deposit Account
30.Hong Leong Business Flexi Fixed DepositFixed Deposit Account
31.Mach Fixed Deposits Account (Mach by Hong Leong Bank)Fixed Deposit Account
32.Hong Leong BizOne Solution- BizOne Fixed DepositFixed Deposit Account
33.Short Term Corporate DepositShort Term Deposit

Insured Products as of 27 February 2017