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大马再抵押机构有限公司 (Cagamas SRP Berhad) 将担保银行高于90%的融资,即如果一位借贷者获得100%融资,大马再抵押机构有限公司 (Cagamas SRP Berhad)将担保融资的其中10% (从90%至100%)。


问:有了大马再抵押机构有限公司 (Cagamas SRP Berhad)的担保,是否意味着这项方案的借贷者/客户只需承担银行的90%融资责任?




答:不,各别银行将只收取一般的利息/利率,借贷者/客户无需为大马再抵押机构有限公司 (Cagamas SRP Berhad)的担保另外付费。

Q: Who is eligible for this Scheme?

A: This scheme is open to all Malaysian citizens aged 35 years old or less (age next birthday is 36 years old or less) with monthly income of not more than RM3,000 per applicant.


Q: I am self-employed and my average monthly income is RM2,000. Am I eligible for the Scheme?

A: No, the scheme is limited to employees in the private sectors only. Applicants must be confirmed employees with minimum employment period of 6 months with the same employer.


Q: I am self-employed and my spouse works in a trading company earning RM2,000 per month. Are we eligible as joint applicants under the Scheme?

A: No, all applicants (including joint applicants) must meet the citizenship, first home, employment, age and income criteria.


Q: My spouse and I each earn RM1,500 per month and we wish to obtain 100% financing purchase our first home of RM220,000. Would we qualify under the Scheme?

A: Under the Scheme, the monthly repayment/instalment amount must not be more than 1/3 of borrower's/customer's monthly combined gross income; in this case, RM 1,000 per month as the financing is subject to affordability.


Example of calculation:

  • Gross combined income : RM 1, 500+ RM 1,500 = RM 3,000
  • 1/3 of RM 3,000 = RM 1,000


Based on current interest/profit rates and permitted maximum financing tenure of 30 years, your maximum eligible financing amount is approximately RM200,000. To obtain RM220,000 financing, your combined monthly income would need to be approximately RM3,300.


Q: My friend and I meet all the criteria. Can we jointly apply for financing under the Scheme?

A: No, joint applicants must be family members, i.e. husband and wife or siblings only, and they must all meet the criteria set.

Q: Does the Scheme cover completed properties as well as those under development?

A: Yes, the Scheme covers both completed properties and those under development. The guarantee is effective upon full disbursement of the financing.


Q: My spouse and I bought a property at RM220,000. Will we be entitled to RM220,000 financing if we meet the income criteria?

A: Valuation of the property is subject to the bank's underwriting policy. Generally, banks will finance based on purchase price or valuation (open market value) from their panel valuer, whichever is lower.


Q: My existing financing was taken up for the purchase of my first home. Am I eligible to refinance the loan under the Scheme?

A: No, the Scheme does not cover refinancing of an existing financing.


Q: Are there any limitations on the type of residential properties or locations under the Scheme?

A: The type of residential properties and locations are subject to participating banks' underwriting policies.

Q: How do I apply for financing under the Scheme?

A: Application can be made at any branch of the participating banks.


Q: Can I apply for Islamic financing under the Scheme?

A: Yes, the Scheme covers both conventional and Islamic financing.


Q: What is the maximum financing tenure?

A: The maximum financing tenure is 30 years, subject to participating banks' respective underwriting policies.


Q: Do I need to purchase fire insurance/takaful and Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance (MRTA) / Mortgage Reducing Term Takaful (MRTT)?

A: The borrower/customer will have to purchase fire insurance/takaful. However, MRTA / MRTT requirements will depend on the requirements of the participating banks.


Q: With up to 100% financing under the Scheme, does that mean I do not have to come up with any down payment?

A: The homebuyer would be required to pay a booking fee and/or deposit to the seller under the terms of the Sale and Purchase Agreement pending disbursement of the home financing by the bank.  When financing documentation is completed, the homebuyer would be reimbursed from the disbursement of the financing by the bank. The homebuyer may try to make an arrangement with the seller for deferment of deposit payment pending disbursement by the bank.  Such request is dependent on the seller's willingness to accommodate.