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Hong Leong Bank can assist in handling your Inward Bills for Collection(IBC) or help you out with your Outward Bills for Collection (OBC), providing you cost-effective way in managing your collections
Letter of Credit
A payment undertaking to facilitate your domestic/international trade transaction settlement.
Bank Guarantee
The Bank Guarantee gives you peace of mind as Hong Leong Bank undertakes to pay an agreed sum if the customer fails or defaults his obligations
Shipping Guarantee
Hong Leong Shipping Guarantee enables you to collect delivery of goods even before the receipt of the transport documents.
Banker's Acceptance
Manage your funds better and enjoy competitive financing rates and financing tenor that suits your business needs.
Invoice Financing
Invoice Financing is customized for the financing of imports, exports, local purchases, local sales, and others (cost of sales, operational expenses, services payables, etc).
Trust Receipt
Finance the whole invoice amount and you can even choose to early settle the amount due at any time at to your own convenience
Onshore Foreign Currency Loan
Alleviate the risk of foreign currency fluctuations in your financing with Hong Leong Bank providing a barrier against untoward currency movements.
Export Credit Refinancing
If the range of financing for you as the Exporter is not enough, Hong Leong provides a short term financing scheme administered by the Export-Import Bank of Malaysia Berhad for you.
Foreign / Domestic Bills of Exchange Purchased
Hong Leong Bank grants Exporters or Local Sellers a facility where your export or local sales bill is purchased by the bank and the proceeds are given to you pending payment from your Buyer.
Foreign / Domestic Bills of Exchange Purchased-Authority to Purchase
A simple way to get financing for yourself (exporter/seller) via Hong Leong Bank.
Advance Against Trade
A friendly, simple financing method tailored for Exporters.
Application Forms
Find all the Trade application forms you need in one place here.