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SME Forex
The best alternative to accommodate your FOREX needs.
Cross Currency Swap
A contract between two parties to exchange principals and interest of two currencies to hedge currency exchange rate and interest rate risks.
Foreign Exchange Options
Meet your hedging requirements whilst providing upside profit potential with a currency option.
Foreign Exchange Contracts
Buy or sell a specified amount of foreign currency against Ringgit Malaysia on a predetermined date.
Spot Foreign Exchange
An agreement to buy or sell currencies, with delivery normally two business day after the date of contract.
Student Foreign Exchange Rates
A rate significantly more competitive than the counter Forex rates to help ease your burden.
A contract with a value dependent on the value of one or more underlying assets such as foreign exchange rates, commodity prices, and equity.
Money Markets
Investment instruments for a highly competitive banking environment.
Investment Products
Earn higher return of investment with our various investment-linked products.