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Our Research Reports

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  • Fixed Income Daily Market Snapshot
  • Weekly Market Highlights
  • Fixed Income Outlook
  • Auction Calendar
  • Currency Outlook
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Economic News


  • 3Q18 GDP – Further moderation in 3Q growth
  • BNM OPR – Unchanged OPR; statement suggests no plans for any policy shift
  • 2019 Budget/ MOF Economic Report – Walking a tight rope between sustaining growth and restoring fiscal health


  • 3Q18 GDP - The Singapore economy eased considerably in 3Q
  • 2Q18 GDP – Slower growth of 3.9% in 2Q

Hong Kong

  • 3Q18 GDP – Easing further to 2.9% in 3Q
  • 2Q18 GDP – Normalization in 2Q growth


  • Country Update - More moderate but still positive growth outlook
  • Country Update - Steady growth outlook in 2018

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