Wealth Management 费用与收费

Wealth Management

Fees and Charges Description


(a) Investment Services

Stamping fee for Investment Service Agreement





(b) Distribution of ASNB UT Funds


i) Sales  Charge* for Variable Price Funds:

- EPF Subscription

- Over The Counter Subscription


ii) Sales Charge* for Fixed Price Funds




3% from Net Investment Amount

5% from Net Investment Amount


No Charge

*The Sales Charge is payable to ASNB. As an Agent to ASNB, the Bank will earn the following commission from ASNB:

  1. Sale of ASNB Fixed Price Fund: 0.35% of transaction value done at the counter
  2. Sale of ASNB Variable Price Fund (by Personal Financial Consultant) : Up to 90% of the Initial Sales Charge for transaction done
  3. Repurchase of ASNB Fund: 0.10% of transaction value done at the counter
  4. Non-Financial Transactions: RM0.50 per transaction done at the counter
  • Fund Registration
  • Fund Switching
  • Death Benefit Claim (Khairat Kematian)
  • Change of Personal Particulars
  • Printing of Statement


*Subject to Government Tax, if applicable