Biggest CNY Reunion Terms and Conditions



The Hong Leong Bank Berhad’s (“HLB”) “Biggest CNY Reunion” (“CNY Initiative”) shall commence on 8 February 2018 and ends on 28 February 2018 with both dates inclusive (“Initiative Period”), unless notified otherwise.



The following sets out the terms and conditions applicable to the CNY Initiative (“T&Cs”).




1.      The CNY Initiative is open to all individual customers who are 18 years old and above (“Participants”). For the avoidance of doubt, individuals customers refer to individuals who are with or without any product holdings with HLB/Hong Leong Islamic Berhad (“HLISB”) prior to the Initiative Period.


2.      The employees of HLB/HLISB whether on permanent or on contractual basis, employees of any of HLB/HLISB’s representatives or agents (including external auditors, vendors, suppliers, advertising and contest agents) shall NOT be eligible to participate in the CNY Initiative.




3.     There is no registration required to participate in this CNY Initiative. To participate in the CNY Initiative, the Participants are required take a picture with HLB’s customised CNY themed Facebook filters (“CNY Filters”) and upload them on their Facebook accounts using the designated hashtag - #ReunionOfTreasures (“CNY Hashtag”) during the Initiative Period. The settings of the post is required to be under public view.


4.     Participants who have used the CNY Filters together with the CNY Hashtag and have set the post under public view during the Initiative Period will be featured on the Biggest CNY Reunion (”CNY Reunion”), an online platform created/developed by HLB’s appointed agency, Naga DDB Sdn. Bhd. (134322-K) (“Naga”).

By participating in this CNY Initiative, Participants hereby give his/her/their consent to HLB and/or Naga and authorize Naga to feature his/her/their picture on the CNY Reunion.


5.     HLB accepts no responsibility for any unsuccessful uploads on the CNY Reunion for any reason whatsoever, or  uploads that contain any racist sentiments, profanities, vulgar dressing or any other elements deemed inapproapriate by HLB or due to technical or internet connectivity issued faced by the Participants using their own Facebook / Instagram accounts (including but not limited to non compliance of the criteria as provided in Clause 4 above).


6.      Participants featured on the CNY Reunion (“Eligible Participants”) will stand a chance to win cash prize of Ringgit Malaysia Six Hundred and Eighty (RM680) (“Initiative Prize”). Eligible Participants are required to ‘like’ HLB’s official Facebook page during the Initiative Period in order to be eligible to win the Initiative Prize. Only sixty-eight (68) out of all the Eligible Participants will be declared as the winners of the Initiative Prize (“Winners”).




7.     A total of one hundred and forty (140) Eligible Participants will be shortlisted based on a computerized random selection system (“Shortlisted Eligible Participants”). The Shortlisted Eligible Participants will be announced via Hong Leong Bank’s official Facebook account. The Shortlisted Eligible Participants need to contact HLB via Hong Leong Bank’s official Facebook account to provide his/her/their full name as per his/her/their NRIC/passport, mobile number, NRIC/passport number and their preferred HLB branch. Shortlisted Eligible Participants are required to revert to HLB within 12 hours via Hong Leong Bank’s official Facebook account upon such notification, failing which the Shortlisted Eligible Participants are deemed to be disqualified for this CNY Initiative and HLB has the right to select the next Shortlisted Eligible Participants.


8.   Upon submitting their latest and valid mobile numbers, the Shortlisted Eligible Participants will then be contacted by HLB’s appointed contest management, Dynamic Search Sdn. Bhd. (136574-V) (“Dynamic Search”) for a question and answer (“the Q&A”) session to answer two (2) questions in order to win the Initiative Prize. Therefore, it is essentially the obligations of the Shortlisted Eligible Participants to provide their latest, valid and accurate mobile numbers to HLB and HLB or Dynamic Search shall not be responsible in the event that HLB or Dynamic Search fail to contact the Shortlisted Eligible Participants for any reasons whatsoever.


9.      Sixty-eight (68) Shortlisted Eligible Participants who answered the two (2) questions correctly within the fastest time during the Q&A will be the Winners. In the event of a tie, the time of upload of the CNY filters on the Shortlisted Eligible Participants’ Facebook page in the manner as provided in Clause 3 above will be the determining factor.


10.    The Winners will not be notified on-the-spot whether they are the Winners upon completion of the Q&A. The Winners shall be notified by HLB either in writing, or by posting the Winners’ names and IC numbers (in masked form) at Hong Leong Bank’s official Facebook page or any other methods deemed fit by HLB no later than 15 March 2018.


11.    The Winners are required to nominate a Current and Savings Account (“CASA”) maintained with HLB under the name of the Winners (“Nominated CASA”) for the purpose of crediting the Initiative Prize to the Winners. Winners that do not have CASA are required to open a CASA for the purposes of the Initiative Prize before 31 March 2018, failing which the Winner shall be disqualifed from winning the Initiative Prize.


12.    The Winners are required to go to any HLB Branch of their preference for biometric and identification card verification purposes on or before 31 March 2018, in order for HLB to credit the Initiative Prize to the Winners’ Nominated CASA, failing which HLB is entitled to forfeit the Initiative Prize. All transportation, accommodation, personal expenses and any other costs incurred by the Winners to attend to the HLB Branch for biometric and identification card verification purposes shall be borne by the Winners without recourse to HLB.


13.    In the event that the Winners fail to perform their obligations as provided under Clause 11 and Clause 12 latest by 31 March 2018, HLB will not be responsible for any unclaimed Initiative Prize and any appeal for the reimbursement of the Initiative Prize shall not be entertained by HLB.


14.    The Shortlisted Eligible Participants hereby give his/her/their consent to and authorize HLB to disclose his/her/their name and mobile number to Dynamic Search for the purposes of the Q&A.


15.    By participating in this CNY Initiative, the Winners also hereby give his/her/their consent to and authorize HLB to disclose or publish his/her/their name, NRIC number (in masked form) or photos in media, marketing or advertising materials for the purposes of the CNY Initiative.




16.    Each Participant is entitled to win only one (1) Initiative Prize during the Initiative Period.


17.    By participating in this CNY Initiative, the Participants hereby understand and agree as follows:

a)   that the Participants have read, understood and agree to be bound by the stated T&Cs herein;

b)   that HLB’s decision on all matters relating to this CNY Initiative (including but not limited to the determination of the Winners) shall be final, conclusive and binding on all Participants. No appeal and/or further correspondence pertaining to the decision(s) made by HLB will be entertained;

c)   that the Initiative Prize are not transferable to any third party, non-negotiable and non-exchangeable for cash or kind;

d)   to access HLB’s website at ( (“HLB’s Website”) at regular time intervals to view the T&Cs and ensure to be kept up-to-date on any change or variation to the T&Cs;

e)   agree to the publishing or display of their names, National Registration Identity Card (“NRIC”) numbers/passport numbers (in masked form) and/or photo(s) in HLB’s Website;

f)    that HLB is authorized to disclose the Participants’ particulars (i.e. name and mobile number) to Dynamic Search for the purpose of fulfilment of this CNY Initiative; and

g)   to consent to and authorise the Bank to process your personal data in accordance to the Bank’s Privacy Policy available in HLB website, as the Bank deems fit for the purpose of this Campaign.


18.    HLB reserves the right to:

a)   disqualify any Participants for any reason whatsoever (including but not limited to removal of pictures uploaded by Participants and featured on CNY Reunion) as HLB may in its sole and absolute discretion deem fit from participating in this CNY Initiative and/or being entitled to the Initiative Prize;

b)   forfeit the Initiative Prize in the event of non-compliance to the T&Cs herein;

c)   amend and/or replace the Initiative Prize herein with an alternative gift of similar value at its absolute discretion by way of posting on HLB’s Website or in any other manner which HLB deems practical, in order to give prior notice to the Participants; and

d)   add, delete or amend the T&Cs herein, wholly or in part, or to terminate this CNY Initiative, at its absolute discretion, by way of posting on HLB’s Website, or in any other methods which HLB deems practical, in order to give prior notice to the Participants on such addition, deletion or amendment of the T&Cs or termination of this CNY Initiative.


19.    HLB shall not be liable and responsible for any failure or delay internet connectivity issued faced by the Participants using their own Facebook and/or Instagram account which may result in the Participants being omitted from this CNY Initiative.


20.    The T&Cs herein shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Malaysia and the Participants agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Malaysia.


21.    In the event of any discrepancy between the T&Cs herein as compared to the advertising, promotional, publicity and other materials relating to or in connection with this CNY Initiative, the final T&Cs on HLB’s Website shall prevail.


22.    Words denoting one gender include all other genders and words denoting the singular include the plural and vice versa.


Deposits/ Deposit-i is eligible for protection by PIDM. 


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