How to register for HLB Connect Online Banking or Mobile Banking App

How to register for HLB Connect Online Banking or Mobile Banking

You need to have one of these Hong Leong Bank products:


and have these ready before you begin: 

How to register for HLB Connect - debit card, credit card or account details

Your Debit / Credit Card or account details, e.g. card / account number and card PIN.

How to register for HLB Connect - mobile number is registered for TAC

Ensure your mobile number is registered with us to receive Transaction Authorisation Codes (TAC) via SMS.

How to register for HLB Connect - temporary ID

A Temporary ID is required if you do not hold a Debit/Credit Card AND have a combination of products that includes Loan accounts.

Please visit any branch to update your mobile number or request a Temporary ID.



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1st Pocket Money App in Malaysia


Watch this video to see how your child will learn to earn, spend and save responsibly while they manage their pocket money with HLB Pocket Connect App.


Get quick answers to frequently asked questions here.

In Malaysia, running banking and bank related errands are considered one of the most mundane routine activities. This drove the need for electronic banking services that can offer more flexibility in terms of accessibility to banking products and services.


As customers become more reliant on technology to live, work and play, more people opt for online banking services in Malaysia. This enables them to securely access services to pay bills, transfer money, view account transactions and manage their finances — all from the comfort of their living room. It is a simple and straightforward process that does not involve mountains of paperwork where customers are asked to fill out the same information repeatedly.


Hong Leong Bank, one of the biggest banking groups in Malaysia, offers fully digital banking services that help you stay ahead of your banking needs. Whether you are on your laptop at home, on your smartphone or on a desktop at work, we have got your banking needs covered with HLB Connect Online Banking. Hong Leong Bank also has a mobile banking app in Malaysia, designed to enable you to get more done while on the go without having to step into a bank or the nearest ATM. Download the HLB Connect Mobile Banking app today!


When it comes to banking the way you live, HLB Connect offers a large number of benefits:-


1. It’s simple to open your new account

The introduction of fully online bank account opening in Malaysia by Hong Leong Bank allows you to open a bank account and register for an Online Banking service  anytime, anywhere, without visiting the bank branch.


2. Bank on-the-go

Our online banking services enable our customers in Malaysia to take charge of their everyday banking needs anytime, anywhere. With HLB Connect Online Banking and Mobile Banking app, you can view all your past and current banking activities on your personal banking account in real-time. You no longer have to go to an ATM or visit the bank to view your balances or wait until the end of the month for an e-statement to see your transaction history. Forget heavy traffic and the trouble of finding parking; HLB Connect Online and Mobile Banking save you time and effort.


3. All your account details in one place

Navigating money matters is easier when you can see the big picture of all your finances. One of the benefits of internet online banking in Malaysia is the integration it offers. Your personal online banking profile is linked to your multiple retail products from credit card, loans and multi-currency account and accessible via one platform. With HLB Connect, wave goodbye to bill shocks, plan and save your money confidently, or check your balances — all at your fingertips, so you can focus less on banking and enjoy more of what life has to offer.


4. Stay ahead of your everyday banking needs

Set up mobile alerts to get transaction notifications, service updates and the latest promotions sent straight to your HLB Connect Mobile Banking app. If you forget to bring your debit card, you can still withdraw cash at the ATM using your HLB Connect app. It is all about making your banking effortless.


5. Banking that’s simply secure

Hong Leong Bank takes protection against fraud very seriously. Your transactions and information in your personal internet banking account are protected by industrial-strength security technology. Hong Leong Bank also implements a series of personalized Biometric security and encryption, including Biometric Authentication, so it is both simple and safe to use. As a reminder, DO NOT disclose your Username, Password, TAC or other Identification Numbers to anyone and NEVER save your passwords on your device. Learn how to bank safely online.

Get the latest HLB Connect Mobile Banking app on your smartphone now

Click here or scan the QR code to download HLB Connect App.
Learn more about our online banking services here.

Download HLB Connect Mobile Banking App

HLB Connect Online Banking and Mobile Banking App

Account Overview

Check your account balances and details from anywhere, 24/7.

Real-time Transaction Updates

Get instant updates of your last 15 Debit and Credit Card transactions from the last 7 days.


Mobile Alerts

Get transaction notification, service updates, and the latest promotion sent directly to your app inbox.



View and download up to 2 years of your current and past e-Statements.


Transaction Receipts

Save or share transaction receipts to recipients.



Fund Transfer

Send money locally to recipient via Account/Mobile/NRIC/Passport/Business Registration number with zero fees.



Connect ATM Withdrawal

Use HLB Connect App to withdraw cash from any HLB ATM without a Debit Card.



Overseas Transfer

Send money overseas with lower fees and conveniently from wherever you are.


Bill Payments

Make online payment to all major Billers in Malaysia. You can also pay up to 5 favourite Billers at one go on HLB Connect App.



Junior Debit Card Reload

Auto reload for free from your account to your children’s Junior Debit Card via HLB Connect Online.

Quick Pay

A shortcut to pay or transfer funds to the latest recipients in 3 simple steps. Just enter the amount and send.



Prepaid Reload

A service that allows you to perform immediate top-up for prepaid mobile (Celcom, DiGi, Hotlink, U Mobile and more), or other prepaid services (Game Credits, IDD & STD, Movie Subscription and more).



QR Pay & Receive QR Payment

Make a payment by scanning a QR code through your HLB Connect App, or generate your QR code to receive payment.



ASNB Investment

Keep track of your account balance or top-up funds conveniently anytime, anywhere.



eFixed Deposit/-i

Make an online deposit using funds from an HLB Account or another bank and enjoy competitive rates



Credit Card

Apply for a new HLB Credit Card online in 5 minutes, or apply for an additional card with instant approval.


Personal Loan/Financing-i

Get cash flow facility with approvals in 10 minutes.



Share Trading Account

Apply and link your Pay&Save Account/-i with your Trading Account and manage your investment portfolio anytime, anywhere.



Credit Shield Premier

Protect your credit card outstanding balance from RM0.65 per month.




Drafting a will can be done instantly with our online service.



3-in-1 Junior Account

Apply online for the only children’s account equipped with a Savings account, a reloadable Debit Card and a high interest/profit Fixed Deposit account.



Quick Cash

Get extra cash within your HLB Credit Card limit. Apply online for instant approval, and receive funds in your HLB Account the next business day.



Balance Transfer

Apply to transfer your Credit Card balance from another bank to your HLB Credit Card.



Flexi Payment Plan

Easily convert your big purchases into smaller monthly instalment plans on your HLB Credit Card.



Activate Credit Card

Activate your new HLB Credit Card conveniently online from the comfort of your home.



Create/Change PIN

Create or change the PIN for your Debit/Credit Card anytime.



Report Lost/Stolen Card

In a case of emergency, you can report and block your lost or stolen Debit/Credit Card immediately to protect your account.



Freeze/Unfreeze Credit Card

Misplaced your card? Freeze or unfreeze conveniently online with just a tap and enjoy a peace of mind.


Increase Credit Limit

Temporarily increase your Credit Card limit with instant approval, or request for a permanent increase in credit limit.



Notify Overseas Travel

Inform the bank of your impending overseas travel to prevent usage disruption.



Request for Card Replacement

Request for a replacement if your Credit Card is damaged.



Debit Card Setting

Manage your Debit Card usage and also enable your card for Overseas Transactions, Auto Debit and Internet Purchases.



Inquire & Redeem Rewards Points

Check your rewards points and redeem them for rewards.



Update Contact Info

Update your contact details with the bank.



Foreign Currency Deposit Feature

Convert your savings to 12 different currencies at a competitive exchange rate and spend with your debit card or withdraw cash in these currencies when you travel. Learn more on how you can buy and sell currencies easily with your Pay&Save Account/-i.


Debit Card Services

Access a range of Debit Card services such as Debit Card application (for Current/Savings Account/-i customers without a card),activation, replacement and renewal of expiring Debit Card on HLB Connect Online. If you wish to set or change your Debit Card transaction limit, you may do so from either HLB Connect Online or App.



Junior Debit Card Services

Apply, activate or renew your child’s Junior Debit Card conveniently on HLB Connect Online.



Refund of Overpayment

Overpaid your credit card? Get a refund of up to RM1,000 directly into your HLB account or offset your second HLB credit card.


Card Fee Waiver

Enjoy Credit Card fee waiver by applying for it on HLB Connect.

Customers with eligible credit cards that have met the set requirement will see the ‘Apply For Waiver’ button when they log in to HLB Connect.



Transaction Limits

Set daily limits for different transaction types and for transactions without TAC so you can decide if you want TAC authorisation for non-favourite transfers of any amount.


App Language

Choose your preferred language for your HLB Connect App.

DuitNow ID

Register or update your DuitNow ID with HLB to receive money using easy-to-remember DuitNow IDs such as Mobile number (as well as MyKad/Passport/Business Registration number).



App Theme & Shortcuts

Choose between light and dark display themes, and customize shortcuts to access your favourite functions.



Biometric Authentication

Log in to your HLB Connect App quickly and securely using Fingerprint or Face ID authentication.



An additional security feature to authorise payments or transfers (performed on HLB Connect Online/App) that used to require SMS TAC.



App Binding

An added security measure to ensure that your login details can only be used to access HLB Connect App that has been bound/linked to your mobile device.



Security Question

Security question acts as an additional level of identification and verification on top of your username and password. When an irregular account behaviour is detected, your security question will be used to verify your identity.

Reminder: Your security question & answer should not be revealed to anyone.



Security Picture

Security picture helps confirm that validity of the login screen. When you log in to HLB Connect, you should only enter your password if you see your security picture.

Reminder: Your security picture should not be shown to anyone.



HLB Connect Security Features

AppAuthorise is a security feature required to authorise payments or transfers (performed on HLB Connect Online Banking/Mobile Banking) that used to require SMS TAC.

This feature is available on the HLB Connect App.

Learn more about AppAuthorise and how to enable it

We are introducing Emergency Lock on 16 March 2023, a handy feature that you can activate when you suspect that you’ve fallen victim to a scam or your HLB Connect access has been compromised.


When you activate this feature, all new transactions on HLB Connect will be blocked (except for scheduled instructions/recurring transactions that have been set before you activated this feature). You will still be able to access your HLB Connect Online & App to view your account balance. Your credit or debit card/-i transactions outside of HLB Connect will not be impacted by this feature.


Please contact us immediately at 03 7626 8899 after activating this feature to get guidance on the next steps.


Emergency Lock is available on HLB Connect App and HLB Connect Online. You can locate it here:

emergency lock - phone

At HLB Connect App login screen, tap on the ‘Emergency Lock’ icon

emergency lock - desktop

At HLB Connect Online website login page, click on ‘Security Reminder’ tab located on the top right

Cooling-Off Period is an enhanced security measure to protect your account.

Starting from 16 March 2023, a Cooling-Off Period will take effect when you do the following:


A. Setting up HLB Connect App and enabling AppAuthorise on a new device

You will only be able to authorise your transactions using AppAuthorise after the Cooling-Off Period is over. The duration of the Cooling-Off Period will be shown to you when you go through the HLB Connect App set-up process.


B. Changing your daily transaction limit to a higher limit on HLB Connect

Your new transaction limit will take effect after the Cooling-Off Period is over. However, you can still transact within the existing transaction limit.

The duration of the Cooling-Off Period will be shown to you on the Transaction Limit page. If you make another request to increase the limit before the first Cooling-Off Period is over, the timer will start all over again.

Soon, email address will be required for some HLB Connect transactions. Learn more here.

As an enhanced security measure, starting September 2022, you will be able to access HLB Connect App on ONLY ONE device.

If you have other devices previously linked to your HLB Connect App, they will be removed. If you do not have access to your device, please call our HLB Contact Centre at +603 7626 8899 to remove the device from your HLB Connect App.

Beginning 29 September 2022, only one mobile number can be linked to one HLB Connect user.


For the safety of your account, please ensure the mobile number you register with the bank is updated.


If you have a new mobile number, please update it using one of these methods:

  • Call our HLB Contact Centre at +603 7626 8899 (if you are residing outside of Malaysia)
  • Visit any HLB branch nearest to you


HLB Connect users without the app will be required to authorise their transactions using AppAuthorise once the cumulative transfer and payment amount reaches RM1,000 daily.


For example:

  • You make a non-favourite transfer for the amount of RM500. This transaction will require authorisation using SMS TAC.
  • Within the same day, you make a favourite bill payment via JomPAY for the amount of RM1,000. That will bring your cumulative daily amount to RM1,500. This last transaction will have to be authorised using AppAuthorise.


The following will not contribute towards your cumulative limit:

  • Mobile prepaid reload
  • Payments and transfers that are already set as standing instructions/direct debit
  • Junior Debit Card reload
  • Transfers to Credit Card and Loan payments


Download HLB Connect App and login to enable AppAuthorise.

Download Connect App QR

Setting up HLB Connect App requires additional verification on top of SMS TAC.

  • If you are a credit or debit/debit-i cardholders, you will need your card PIN.
  • If you do not have a credit or debit/debit-i, you will need a Temporary ID.


For customers who have opened their CASA/-i account via Apply@HLB, upon receiving your debit card, you will have to log in to HLB Connect Online banking website to activate your debit card & create PIN before you can proceed to set up HLB Connect App.

Please follow simple steps below to activate your debit card.


Step 1: Login to HLB Connect Online

Step 2: Click 'Other Services' 

Step 3: Under 'Debit/ATM Card' select ‘Activate Card' 

Step 4: Enter card details and create card PIN 

Step 5: Confirm details and enter TAC 


For customers who have opened their CASA/-i through Deposit Relationship Manager, you will have to login via HLB Connect website to create card PIN before they can proceed to set up HLB Connect App. Simply follow the steps below to change Card PIN.


Step 1: Login to HLB Connect Online

Step 2: Click 'Other Services' 

Step 3: Under 'Debit/ATM Card' select 'Create/Change PIN' 

Step 4: Enter new card PIN 

Step 5: Confirm details and enter TAC 


To set up HLB Connect App

Step 1: Download HLB Connect App

Step 2: Login using your username & password

Step 3: Enter TAC sent to your mobile number

Step 4: Enter your ID (NRIC/Passport No)

Step 5: Enter your card PIN 


Once done, your device will be bound with your Connect Account and AppAuthorise will be automatically enabled.