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Personal Accident
Investment Linked
Safe Deposit Locker
Motor Insurance
A car insurance policy with features and benefits that offer peace of mind.
Car Life
Secure your car loan for a smoother ride.
Travel Insurance
Take the stress out of travel with this policy that covers most travel hiccups.
Home Content Insurance
A home protection policy with worldwide coverage for your personal belongings.
Hong Leong Credit Protector
A one-time payment to ensure that your family will always have a home. Anyone between the ages of 18 and 65 years is eligible.
Hong Leong Credit Protector with Dread Disease
Give your family the best gift of financial security, a home and peace of mind even if any untoward event happens to you.
Hong Leong SMART Cash Insurance
The plan you pay for until you’re 55, and covers you until you’re 80.
Hong Leong SMART3 Plus Insurance
Short Commitment. Build Your Wealth. Be Protected.
Hong Leong SMART5 Plus Insurance
Short-term commitment with a potential financial upside
Hong Leong SMART Protect Premier Insurance
Smart solution to redesign your life
Hong Leong SMART Saver Plus Insurance
Secure Your Capital and Be Protected
MyChild Personal Accident Plan
Protect your child, from just 20 cent a day
365 Personal Accident Plan
A plan that gives you maximum protection at minimum cost.
Hong Leong Medi Saver
The one plan that covers what the other plans don’t.
Critical Illness Plan
Get financial protection against 5 major illnesses
C Illness Plus
Get financial protection against 4 major illnesses
Hong Leong SMART FiT CI Insurance
Off To A Great Start
Credit Shield Premier
Protect your credit card outstanding balance from as low as 65cent.
Debit Card Protection Plan
A protection plan for your debit card with only RM30 annual premium.
Hong Leong SMART Value Plus Insurance
Look forward to regular guaranteed cash every 2 years
Hong Leong One SMART Insurance
Pay only once and get protected for a lifetime.
Hong Leong SMART Protect Insurance
The investment + protection plan that grows with you
Safe Deposit Locker Insurance
A coverage for the loss of property in safe deposit lockers, from only 13 cent a day.