Hong Leong Bank Sustainability

Bringing Positive Influence Towards A More Sustainable Future

Our Sustainability Approach and Governance

At Hong Leong Bank, we are cognisant that individuals and companies we do business with will directly or indirectly affect the environment. This is why we are committed to managing our risks and impact by integrating environmental and social considerations as well as good governance into our business activities and solutions while we contribute to a better future for all.

Our sustainability journey is guided by deep and meaningful engagements with stakeholders to ensure that all of our sustainability initiatives and policies are aligned with business objectives and consistent with the bank’s values.

Sustainability In Action

HLB is committed to delivering long-lasting ESG and VBI solutions through our sustainability strategy which is based on these five core themes: Digital at the Core, Workforce Readiness, Socially Responsible Business, Environmental Management, and Community Investment.

These are the 15 material topics that will guide our strategic efforts towards managing ESG risks and opportunities for key stakeholders who are directly impacted by our business.

  • Digital Banking

    Digital Banking

  • Cyber Security & Data Privacy

    Cyber Security & Data Privacy

  • Customer Experience

    Customer Experience

  • Talent Attraction, Development & Retention

    Talent Attraction, Development & Retention

  • Employee Health & Well-being

    Employee Health & Well-being

  • Diverse & Inclusive Workforce

    Diverse & Inclusive Workforce

  • Responsible Financing

    Responsible Financing

  • Fair Banking

    Fair Banking

  • Sustainable Supply Chain

    Sustainable Supply Chain

  • Financial Inclusion

    Financial Inclusion

  • Good Governance

    Good Governance

  • Managing Our Environmental Footprint

    Managing Our Environmental Footprint

  • Addressing Climate Impact

    Addressing Climate Impact

  • Building Communities

    Building Communities

  • Financial Literacy

    Financial Literacy

Hong Leong Bank Sustainability Risk Governance

As business values evolve, there is a growing awareness of sustainability ideals and their role in ensuring the long-term viability of businesses. As part of that journey, it is critically important that we, now and going forward, undertake business activities in a sustainable manner having due regard to the impact those activities have on people, communities and planet.

The bank's dedication and efforts in promoting sustainability both in our business operations as well as to our customers, would provide us with the basis to fulfil our obligations with regard to ESG, and in doing so, align with stakeholders, investors and regulatory expectations.

Learn how we address ESG risks as part of our commitment to deliver long-term value to our stakeholders.

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Hong Leong Bank ESG Frameworks & Policies and Sustainability Reports

HLB has taken measures to ensure Environmental, Social and Governance considerations are incorporated into our Risk & Governance processes, and are disclosed in our Annual Sustainability Reports.

Click on the link below to download our ESG related frameworks, policies and Annual Sustainability Reports.

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Sustainability In The News

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