HLB Sustainability Environmental Management

HLB Sustainability Environmental Management

Environmental Management

Our direct environmental impact encompasses the resources used and emissions generated across our business network. Aided by our digitisation strategy, we aim to reduce the influence of our business activities on the environment through more efficient patterns of consumption and disposal.


Our Environmental Management theme is driven by these Material Topics:

responsible consumption


Waste Management

We monitor the amount of recyclable materials diverted from the waste disposal stream in our main strategic buildings, Menara Hong Leong and PJ City. In FY2020, we recycled over 30,000kg of plastic, paper and aluminium from both buildings.


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Total plastic recycled (kg)




FY2019: 1,382 

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Total paper recycled (kg)





FY2019: 24,625  

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Total cans recycled (kg)




FY2019: 1.55 

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