HLB Sustainability Community Investment

Community Investment

As a socially responsible financial institution, we are cognizant of the responsibility we bear to bring about positive change for the communities that we serve. Our targeted approach focuses on forming partnerships with promising social enterprises to drive community development. We aim to provide our expertise to further develop their platforms to spur greater socioeconomic developments in the groups of societies that they focus on empowering.


Our Community Investment theme is driven by these Material Topics:

Building Communities

Supporting local communities through initiatives that foster social entrepreneurship and conducting social outreach programmes that provide access to financial education and welfare, whilst empowering the community with knowledge, skills and tools needed to secure economic development and advance their quality of life, creating long-term positive social impacts.


Programmes, Initiatives & Policies related to Building Communities:

Financial Literacy

Improving understanding of financial services, including Islamic finance, through knowledge sharing and financial literacy programmes aimed at driving inclusiveness by assisting and empowering the community to achieve financial goals.


Programmes, Initiatives & Policies related to Financial Literacy:

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