What is DuitSmart

Financial literacy is the first step in obtaining financial peace-of-mind. Learning this important life skill will help with making the right money choices.

HLB DuitSmart is our initiative platform, created to make financial information simple and accessible for Malaysians of all walks of life.

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DuitSmart with These Financial Tips

Get To Know Your Financial Jargon

Financial Jargon Buster Common Terms

Financial Jargon Buster: Common Terms

Demystifying Financial Jargons For Malaysians!

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Financial Jargon Buster Credit Cards

Financial Jargon Buster: Credit Cards

Credit Card Jargon In Malaysia That You Need To Know

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Financial Jargon Buster Home Loan

Financial Jargon Buster: Home Loan

Terms You Will See When Getting A Home Loan

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Time to take control of your money and credit score

GOOD MONEY HABITS & Importance of Credit Score

Get Started With These Tips & Learn How Credit Score Affects Your Financial Health

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Monitor your financial health


Avoid Complication On Your Loan Application With A Credit Score Check

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DuitSmart Audio Content

As part of our continued advocacy to promote financial literacy among Malaysians, we have made available the topics in audio format in an effort to ensure inclusivity and convenience for everyone.

Selection of Audio Articles

Common Financial Terms You Need To Know

Credit Score

3 Ways To Avoid Financial Scams

Common Scams


What Is Islamic Banking?

Emergency Fund

What Are Your Entitlements As An EPF Member?

E-Pengeluaran For EPF Member

Mandatory Contribution For EPF Member