What is DuitSmart

Financial literacy is the first step in obtaining financial peace-of-mind. Learning this important life skill will help with making the right money choices.

HLB DuitSmart is our initiative platform, created to make financial information simple and accessible for Malaysians of all walks of life.

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Introducing HLB
DuitSmart Financial Literacy Workshop

The HLB DuitSmart Financial Literacy Workshop is an opportunity for you to learn about finances in a fun and easy-to-understand method, so that you can cultivate a positive relationship with your money.

By engaging in interactive games and activities, you get to learn more about money, while equipping yourself with some valuable tips and tricks to manage your finances better in a smart way.

Who Is The HLB DuitSmart Financial
Literacy Workshop For?

Since our first Financial Literacy Workshop in 2019,
we have engaged with various communities and empowered
Malaysians from all backgrounds with financial knowledge!

2,552 participants (up to 30 June 2023)


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