AppAuthorise is a security feature required to authorise non-favourite payments or transfers of RM10,000 and above, performed on Connect Online Banking. A notification will be sent to your mobile device where you will be able to view transaction details and Authorise or Reject the transaction. This further protects your bank account from unauthorized access.


Beginning 6 June 2020, AppAuthorise will only be available on the ALL-NEW HLB Connect App.


We advise that you keep this feature enabled on your main device to avoid any disruption to your banking transactions.


How does it work?

Step 1

Initiate a RM10,000 and above payment/ transfer to non-favourite recipients

Initiate a payment/ transfer of 
RM10,000 or above 
to a non-favourite recipient on 
Connect Online Banking

Step 2

Review details Authorise or reject the transaction on Connect App

Review details 
and authorise or reject
the transaction on
Connect App

Step 3

Transaction status Check transaction status on Connect Online Banking

Check transaction status
 on Connect Online Banking

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connect icon

HLB Connect Mobile Banking App

If you have Connect App on 

connect appauthorise b4

ONLY one device

AppAuthorise will be auto-enabled
on the mobile device once you log in
to Connect App. 

connect appauthorise b5

Multiple devices

You will be prompted to enable AppAuthorise
on the mobile device that you log in from.
You may choose which device that you
want to have enabled.



AppAuthorise can ONLY be enabled on ONE device. If you wish to enable AppAuthorise on a second device, you must first disable it from the first device. Refer to the FAQ below for the step-by-step guide.