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How to join the HLB Designed by You community? 

Step 2

Click ‘Designed by You’ at the top right corner 

Step 3

Click ‘Proceed’ to go to the Designed by You website & you will be logged out from HLB Connect 

Step 4

Set up your Designed by You profile & join in the discussions


Q1. Who is eligible to join Designed by You?

A1. All HLB Connect Online Banking customers with active account. Non-customers or lapsed customers will not be able to access DBY.  


Q2. Can I login to the DBY website directly without going through HLB Connect Online Banking?

A2. No, you will not be able to access DBY website directly. It is only accessible via Hong Leong Connect Online Banking site via mobile or desktop web browsers.


Q3. Is Designed by You available on HLB Connect Mobile App?

A3. No, it is not available on HLB Connect Mobile App.


Q4. What language(s) does Designed by You support?

A4. For now, English only.


Q5. How do I access Designed by You if my HLB Connect Online banking is locked?

A5. You will not be able to access Designed by You. It is only accessible via Hong Leong Connect Online Banking site. You will need to reset your HLB Connect Online Banking account, please visit the step-by-step guide here.


Q6. What are the web browsers supported by Designed by You?

A6. For optimal experience:



Google Chrome

Version 64 and above

Microsoft Edge

Version 87.0.664.66 and above

Mozilla Firefox

Version 58 and above


Version 12 and above

Internet Explorer


Q7.  What are the mobile operating systems (OS) supported by Designed by You?

A7. For optimal experience:



Apple iOS

iOS 9 and above


Android 9 and above

Q8. Why am I not able to log in to Designed by You?

A8.1. If you cannot log in to HLB Connect Online banking, you might be locked out from your online banking account, please reset your banking account following the step-by-step guide here.

A8.2. If you can log in to HLB Connect Online Banking, the system is undergoing maintenance.

A8.3. Your DBY account might be suspended as you might have violated the DBY Terms and Conditions. 


Q9. Why is my DBY profile not set up?

A9. You need to complete all the onboarding steps below to set up a DBY profile

           Step 1: Go through welcome note.

           Step 2: Agree to DBY Terms and Conditions.

           Step 3: Set up profile by choosing an avatar and your screen name.


Q10. I am not able to create or change to my preferred screen name. Are there any restrictions to screen name creation?

A10. Yes, there are. Make sure your screen name follows the below guide,

  • No profanity
  • No special characters, only ‘-‘ (dash) and ‘_’ (underscore) allowed
  • No spacing
  • Numerical numbers allowed
  • Maximum of 12 characters only