Frequently Asked Questions - I'm Card

I'm Card

Q: Are there any condition to enjoy Annual Fee waiver?

A: I’m credit card Annual Fee is waived for life with no conditions attached.


Q: Are there any other benefit of holding I’m credit card?

A: Besides Annual Fee being waived for life, Overseas Transaction Mark-Up will not be charged too.


Q: Why do I have to pay RM20 joining fee for each card (principal or supplementary)?

A: The joining fee of RM20 (subject to Government Tax, if applicable) is a one-time admin fee to process each card’s application.


Q: Why doesn’t I’m credit card come with reward points and/or cash back feature?

A: This is because I’m is a basic credit card. Moreover, no Annual Fee and Overseas Transaction Mark-up charged for this card.


Q: Can I use my I’m credit card when I receive it (before personalisation)?

A: Yes, you can. Just remember to activate the card by following the instructions on the card carrier before you start using it.


Q: Where can I do the personalisation?

A: You can go to Mach Branch at Mid Valley Shopping Mall during business hours. You can also visit www.hlb.com.my/iam from time to time to check our list of branch roadshows where personalisation service will be offered.


Q: Can I personalise the card with any word(s) that I like?

A: You can personalise any word(s) provided the word(s) do(es) not violate any proprietary and intellectual property rights. Vulgar word(s) will not be allowed.


Q: Can I change the personalisation?

A: Yes, you may change it to reflect your current life stage and/or character.


Q: Can I choose the font type used for personalisation?

A: Sorry, you cant. Only Bradley Hand ITC is available.


Q: Can I choose the colour for personalisation?

A: Sorry, only black colour is available.


Q: Why is there a charge-back on Overseas Transaction Mark-up on my statement?

A: It is due to the reversal done on your Overseas Transaction. We have to charge back the Mark-Up which we had reversed/deducted previously.

For enquiries, connect with us online or drop by your nearest Hong Leong Bank Branch.