Frequently Asked Questions - WISE Card


Q: How many cash back categories can I choose to enjoy for the 10% cash back?

A: You can select a maximum of two categories, in addition to one default bonus category (at current, the default bonus category is ‘Mobile') offered by the Bank to enjoy the 10% cash back.


Q: When can I make my selection of cash back categories? Are there any cost/ fee incurred for the selection?

A: Selection of cash back categories is available in the card application form. All new enrolments at the point of application will be free of charge and will take effect upon card approval.


Q: How do I earn the 10% cash back?

A: Just swipe a minimum of RM2,000 posted retail spend in a calendar month to qualify for 10% cash back on your chosen categories.


Q: Is there any capping on the cash back amount?

A: The cash back is capped at a maximum of RM100 per month.


Q: Can I switch the selected spend categories after enrolment?

A: Yes, you may switch the cash back categories any time, throughout their card tenure, to suit your lifestyle and to maximize the cash back reward earned. For each switch of cash back category, a one-time maintenance service fee of RM10 (subject to Government Tax, if applicable) will be charged at the point of maintenance and it will be effective on the following calendar month. Bonus category is NOT applicable to switch, except if amended at any time by the Bank.


Q: How do I confirm if the switch has been made?

A: You will receive an SMS blast upon maintenance is conducted. < Eg. RM0.00 HLB - Your HLBB card ending 2525 has been debited with MYR10 for account maintenance. The new selected category – TRAVEL will be effective from JAN13>


Q: Where do I make the switch?

A: You may switch categories via:-

Hong Leong Contact Centre at 03-7626 8899

  • Download the category maintenance form from www.hlb.com.my
  • Walk-in to any Hong Leong Bank branches


Q: Is Supplementary Card' retail transactions accumulated into the total spend to meet requirement of 10 retail swipes per month and are those transactions eligible for 10% cash back also?

A: Yes, all posted retail transactions on supplementary card will be taken into account as per principal card. However, cash back earned will be credited into the principal Cardholder account only.


Q: When will the cash back be credited into Principal Cardholder's account?

A: The cash back will be calculated at the end of each calendar month and will be credited to the principal Cardholder's account on the 28th of the following month. Cardholder will see this reflected in their statement then.


Q: Are there Reward Points earnings on the Wise Credit Card?

A: There are no reward points for the Wise Credit Card.


Q: Does the Wise Credit Card offer automatic insurance plans?

A: The Wise Credit Card does not offer free insurance plans.


Q: Do I enjoy any cash back on other spend outside of enrolled cash back categories?

A: No, you are eligible for the 10% cash back on retail transactions based on your selected cash back category.


Q: How will I know which merchants are eligible for cash back in a particular category?

A: An extensive range of merchants who are eligible for cash back are listed here and it will be updated periodically. Do note that cash back will be awarded based on merchant's corresponding Merchant Category Code (MCC) being assigned on each categories. The assignment of merchant category for each merchant is subject to classification by respective acquiring banks.


Q: Do I earn cash back for overseas transactions in my selected cash back categories?

A: Yes, as long as the transactions are for merchants whose MCC corresponds with Cardholder's enrolled cash back categories. Eg. You spend USD100 in a restaurant in Los Angeles, and one of the cash back categories is Dining. Hence, you'll get 10% cash back in that category in local currency after conversion at prevailing exchange rate minus any administrative fees.


Q: Which retail transactions are eligible for the minimum RM2,000 spend?

A: Eligible retail transactions include local and international retail and online purchases, recurring payments, insurance premiums, 0% Interest Easy Payment Plan (one time principal amount only) and Easy Payment Installment Plan (one time principal amount only); EXCLUDING, cash advance, balance transfer, Cash-on-Call, Call-for- Cash, Flexi-Payment Plan, fund transfer, fees and charges imposed by the Bank.


Q: Are the retail transactions in a calendar month are counted based on posting date or transaction date?

A: Retail transactions in a calendar month are counted based on transaction posting date. Cash-Back is awarded based on the total posted Ringgit amount of eligible retail purchases charged to the Wise Card.


Q: Are both Aeon Big and Aeon's supermarket are classified as Groceries Category to enjoy 10% cash back?

A: For Aeon, only Aeon Big is classified as Groceries Category to enjoy 10% cash back. All other supermarkets in Aeon's outlets are NOT classified as Groceries Category to eligible for cash back. The assignment of merchant category for each merchant is subject to classification by the respective acquiring banks.


Q: If I were enrolled for Petrol category, can I enjoy the petrol cash back at any petrol stations? And, are both card transaction at petrol pump/ automated fuel dispenser and cashier counter eligible for petrol cash back?

A: Yes, you may enjoy petrol cash back for card transaction at automated fuel dispensers, applicable to any petrol stations.   But, card transaction at petrol station's cashier counter will not be eligible for petrol cash back as the swipes at counter may include miscellaneous purchases, eg. food, drinks, etc.


Q: Can I apply for Wise card if I am currently holding another Hong Leong Bank credit card?

A: Yes, you may.

For enquiries, connect with us online or drop by your nearest Hong Leong Bank Branch.