Loan Reschedule and Restructure Application Acceptance


HLB / HLISB Payment Relief Assistance Acceptance 


Please key in your NRIC / IC Number and the 6-digit code from your supplementary offer letter. 


* NRIC / IC Number:

Please key in without space or dash e.g. 88080818xxxx

* Account Number:

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By clicking on ‘Accept’ I hereby accept the HLB/HLISB Payment Relief Assistance Plan and consent to the variation to the terms of my loan/financing agreement, details of which have been given to me earlier by way of email.

*For joint borrowers/customers, the supplementary offer letter has been sent to all account holders. All account holders must accept this form with their own individual IC no. & 6 digit code. The supplementary offer letter takes effect as soon as HLB/HLISB receives acceptance from all the account holders.