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We've turned your Smartphone into the ultimate banking tool. Hong Leong Connect Mobile gives you banking mobility in ways you never knew possible.

With the Connect Mobile banking app, you now have the freedom to perform money transfers without the need of a recipient's account number, withdraw money from ATMs without a card, and pay for meals with a simple scan and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

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PEx - Payment Express

PEx is an award-winning service on the Connect Mobile app that enables you to transfer money by just keying in the recipient's mobile phone number. No sharing of account details necessary!

Watch the video, and find out more about PEx by clicking on the right and left arrows.


We've made it really easy and simple for you to send money. Just a few taps and you're done. Check out the steps.

How much can I PEx a day?
You can PEx up to RM1500 a day

Will I be charged for PEx service?
Except for PEx Direct which is FREE, a RM0.50 transfer fee will be charged for every transaction on PEx Internet and PEx ATM.

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Step 1

On the login page, choose 'PEx' and select 'Make a PEx Transaction'. For 1st time user, please login and bind your device to your account before PEx-ing.

Step 2

Enter your password when you see the correct picture as selected when during your registration.

Step 3

Key in your friend's mobile phone number or select it from your phone's contact list

Step 4

Select the PEx collection mode for your friend to claim the PEx – either from Internet or any Hong Leong Bank ATM and then 'Submit'.


Collecting money sent via PEx is easy too, with multiple collection methods.

Click on the respective collection method above the visual to learn more.

PEx - Internet Collection

  1. The recipient will receive an SMS from Hong Leong Bank once your PEx transaction is made.
  2. Retrieve and verbally give the recipient the 6-digit Collection Code. The code is available on your Connect Mobile app, under 'Transaction Status'.
  3. The recipient can now proceed to and perform the PEx collection.
  4. He/ she simply has to follow the steps on the Connect Online site to transfer the PEx payment into his/her own bank account. Done!

PEx - ATM Collection

  1. The recipient will receive an SMS from Hong Leong Bank once your PEx transaction is made.
  2. Retrieve and verbally give the recipient the 6-digit Collection Code. The code is available on your Connect Mobile app, under 'Transaction Status'.
  3. He/she simply has to follow the steps, enter the details required and withdraw the money instantly.

PEx - Direct Hong Leong Bank Account

  1. If the recipient has a Hong Leong Bank account, it's even easier! Get him/her to set up a PEx Direct Account to receive the PEx.
  2. The recipient can login to Connect Mobile, choose 'PEx' and select 'PEx Direct Account Settings'.
  3. Select a current/savings account as his/her PEx Direct Account.
  4. Once done, PEx to him/her and he/she will receive the PEx instantly.

PEx+ Merchant Payment

PEx+ is a payment function that allows you to pay for your retail and F&B purchases using a simple 'scan-and-pay' method*.

The bill / purchase amount is automatically deducted from your account.

*Available at selected PEx+ merchants only


Your smartphone is now your ATM Card.

Forgot to bring your ATM card again but your smartphone is always around in all situations? Fret no more! With Card-less Withdrawal, you can still withdraw cash from the ATM through the Connect Mobile app anytime, anywhere!
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You can get your cash in just 4 easy steps

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Step 1

Click on 'Card-Less Withdrawal' and log in with your password.

Step 2

Select the desired amount from dropdown menu.

Step 3

Take note of the transaction code.

Step 4

Go to the nearest Hong Leong Bank ATM. Select 'Card-less Withdrawal'. Key in the Code to withdraw cash.


Prepaid Reload is a service that enables you to perform instant over-the-air reloads for your prepaid mobile.

The Reload service is available for the following Telco channels: Celcom, DiGi, Maxis, TuneTalk and U Mobile. The prepaid reload is available in the denomination of RM5, RM10, RM30 and RM100. A 6% GST will be charged on top of the reload amount.

Follow the easy step by step guide on how to reload your prepaid from Connect Mobile.


You can get your cash in just a few easy steps.

Click on 'Next' arrow to go through the steps.

Step 1

Enter your Username and Password

Step 2

Select Pay and Transact

Step 3

Select Prepaid Reload.

Step 4

Select your account and Enter your mobile number.

Step 5

Confirm your details and Submit.


Plenty! Think of it as a pocket-sized Hong Leong Bank branch that fits into the palm of your hands.
Some of the functions and services also include:

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Fixed Deposit

Place or withdraw your Fixed Deposit with simple steps below.

  1. Login to Connect Mobile
  2. Go to 'Pay & Transact'.
  3. Select 'Place/Withdraw Fixed Deposit'
  4. Fill in all details required.
  5. Confirm your details and Click submit.

Account Overview

Check your account balances on-the-go, whether you're stuck in traffic, commuting on train, or even from home.

Fund Transfer

Transfer funds effortlessly. No hassle, no queues, no excuses.


Open Transfer

Perform fund transfer to recipients of any other bank right from your Connect Mobile. You no longer need to put them in your list of Favourite accounts first.

  1. Log on to Connect Mobile
  2. Select 'Pay & Transact'
  3. Select 'Open Transfer' , fill in the details and 'Submit'.

Bill Payment

Never miss a bill again! Make your bill payments anytime.


PEx Request

This is great for reminding someone of the amount they have to PEx (transfer) to you. What's even better is the exact amount will be transferred directly into your account once the recipient 'Accepts' your PEx Request!

  1. Log on to your Connect Mobile
  2. Select 'PEx-Payment Express'
  3. Select 'PEx Request', fill in the details and send

FX Rates

Check your Foreign Exchange Rate at Connect Mobile pre-login. It covers exchange rates for 10 popular currencies against MYR.

  1. Launch Connect Mobile App
  2. Go to 'FX Rates'


Follow these two simple steps:
  1. Click on button below to do a quick registration for Connect Online.
  2. You may also activate your Connect Online by keying in your 16-digit card number in the 'Username' textfield.
  3. To experience Banking on The Go, download the Connect Mobile or Connect Tablet app.


You're now ready to experience banking convenience on a whole new level! Download the Connect Mobile App on your smartphone or tablet. Search for “Hong Leong Connect Malaysia”.


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