HLB AirAsia Credit Card - Online Acquisition Campaign



The Hong Leong Bank Berhad’s (97141-X) (“HLB”) “HLB AirAsia Credit Card - Online Acquisition Campaign” (“Campaign”) commences on 18th February 2019 at 00:00:00 hours (12:00a.m.) and ends on 31st March 2019 at 23:59:59 hours (11:59p.m.), inclusive of both dates (“Campaign Period”), unless notified otherwise.




The following sets out the terms and conditions applicable to the Campaign (“T&Cs”):-



1. This Campaign is open for participation by existing and new HLB’s Principal Credit Cardholders (“Cardholders”) who during the Campaign Period apply for any of the following participating HLB credit card(s) (“Eligible Cards”) via www.airasiacards.com and www.hlb.com (“Eligible Cardholders”). Eligible Cards have to be approved latest by 30th April 2019.

Option 1

Option 2

HLB AirAsia Gold Credit Card

HLB AirAsia Platinum Credit Card


2. The following shall not be eligible for this Campaign:

(a) Cardholders who have committed or are suspected of committing any fraudulent, unlawful or wrongful acts in relation to any of the facilities granted by HLB and/or Hong Leong Islamic Bank (“HLISB”) or have been declared bankrupt (pursuant to a petition by either banks or by any third party) or are subject to any bankruptcy proceedings at any time prior to, during or after the Campaign Period; and


For the avoidance of doubt, the Cardholders shall provide their latest and accurate information (including but not limited to correspondence address and contact information) to HLB for the Eligible Card application and it is essentially the obligations of the Cardholders to liaise with HLB in the event of non receipt of the approved Eligible Card(s) within 30 days from the date of application, failing which the Cardholders are deemed to have received the Eligible Cards and HLB shall not be responsible in the event that the Cardholders are unable to participate with this Campaign for any reasons whatsoever.



3. The Eligible Cardholders will be eligible to enjoy the following offers (“collectively referred herein as Offers”) subject to the fulfillment of the prescribed criteria herein:


(a) Annual Fee Waiver (“Offer 1”)

i.     Eligible Cardholders who within forty-five (45) days from the Eligible Cards approval date perform a minimum of one (1) Eligible Retail Spend (“as defined in Clause 5 below”)  using the Eligible Cards (including the supplementary card) approved and issued by HLB under this Campaign will be entitled to the 1st year’s annual fee waiver for each Eligible Card.

The SMS service provider for this Campaign is M3 Technologies (Asia) Berhad (“M3 Tech”) and M3 Tech will notify the Eligible Cardholders upon the approval of their Eligible Cards via SMS.


ii.     The annual fee waiver for the subsequent years are subject to existing annual fee waiver terms and conditions. For further details, please refer to the respective product page at www.hlb.com.my (“HLB’s Website”).


(b) Welcome Gift (additional 888 AirAsia BIG Points) (“Offer 2”)

i.     Eligible Cardholders will be awarded with additional 888 AirAsia BIG Points (“BIG Points”), by fulfilling the following conditions:

       · Eligible Cardholders who within forty-five (45) days from the Eligible Card approval date activate the Eligible Card.


ii.     The BIG Points awarded is capped at 888 AirAsia BIG Points per Eligible Cardholder throughout the Campaign. Total BIG Points allocation for this Campaign is capped for the first 12,000 Eligible Cardholders, based on a first-come, first-served basis.


iii.     In the event that the Eligible Cardholder has fulfilled the conditions as stated in Clause 3(b)(i) above, the total BIG Points shall be credited to the Eligible Cardholder’s BIG account latest by 31st July 2019. The Eligible Cardholder will be notified by HLB by way of posting the list of Eligible Cardholder on HLB’s Website  from 30th April 2019 onwards (“ Notification Date”).


iv.     In the event of non-receipt of the BIG Points, the  Eligible Cardholder shall notify HLB latest by 30th September 2019, failing which the  Eligible Cardholder are deemed to have received the BIG Points and any appeal for the reimbursement of the BIG Points  shall not be entertained.


v.     HLB does not have any obligation to inform the Eligible Cardholders should the BIG Points reach the maximum BIG Points allocation during the Campaign Period.


vi.     Eligible Cardholder must download the AirAsia BIG loyalty mobile application and be an existing AirAsia BIG member or register as AirAsia BIG member in order to enjoy this offer. HLB shall not be responsible in the event that the Eligible Cardholders are unable to sign up for BIG account for any reasons whatsoever.


4. This Campaign is not applicable in conjunction with any of HLB’s ongoing promotions unless otherwise stated.


5. Eligible Retail Spend is based on the following criteria:

(a) Shall include retail and online purchases, standing instructions, 0% Interest Easy Payment Plan (EPP) and Zero Interest Instalment Plan (ZIIP) transacted locally and internationally for any amount.


(b) Shall exclude cash advance, Balance Transfer (BT), Call-for-Cash Plus(CFC Plus), Call-for-Cash (CFC), Flexi-Payment Plan (FPP), fund transfer, fees and charges imposed by HLB.



6. By participating in this Campaign, the Cardholders:

(a) Agree that they have read, understood and agree to be bound by the T&Cs herein and the General Terms and Conditions of the Cardholder Agreement available at HLB Website;


(b) Agree that all records of transactions within or outside of Malaysia captured by the HLB’s system within this Campaign Period are accurate and final;


(c) Agree that HLB’s decision on all matters relating to this Campaign shall be final, conclusive and binding on all Eligible Cardholders. No appeal and/or further correspondence will be entertained;


(d) Agree that any reversal of transactions shall be excluded;


(e) Agree that the  Annual Fee Waiver and BIG Points are non-transferable to any third party and non-exchangeable for cash or other kinds;


(f) Agree to access the HLB’s Website at regular time intervals to view the T&Cs of this Campaign, to ensure they keep up-to-date with any changes or variations to the T&Cs and to follow up with HLB if they have been enlisted for the entitlement of the BIG Points;


(g) Consent for HLB to disclose or publish their names, IC numbers (in masked form) and/or photo(s) in HLB’s Website;


(h) Authorise HLB to disclose their personal data i.e. contact numbers to M3 Tech as HLB deems fit for the purpose of this Campaign.


(i) Agree to liaise with AirAsia BIG (BIG Loyalty Sdn Bhd) for further terms and conditions on BIG Points and BIG Account, and to liaise directly with AirAsia BIG pertaining to any disputes or issues pertaining to the BIG Points and BIG Account without recourse to HLB. 


7. HLB reserves the right to:

(a) Reject at its sole and absolute discretion any Eligible Cards application submitted without assigning any reason thereof;


(b) Disqualify any Cardholders at its sole and absolute discretion from participating in this Campaign;


(c) Decline the eligibility of any Cardholder to participate in the Campaign for any reason whatsoever as HLB may in its absolute discretion deem fit. In particular, HLB shall have the absolute right to decline the eligibility of a Eligible Cardholder who has performed an Eligible Retail Spend within the meaning of these T&Cs, in a manner or pattern which HLB deems to be abnormal, irregular and/or is indicative of an attempt to obtain an unfair advantage over other Eligible Cardholders with normal/regular spending patterns, and HLB’s decision in this matter shall be final and conclusive on all Eligible Cardholders;


(d) Forfeit and/or claw back any or all of the BIG Point and/or the Annual Fee Waiver in the event where there is non-compliance to the terms and conditions herein;


(e) Forfeit and/or claw back the BIG Point and/or the Annual Fee Waiver in the circumstance where there is reversal of Eligible Retail Spend or termination of the Eligible Cards during the Campaign Period and/or at the point of awarding the BIG Point and/or the Annual Fee Waiver or non-compliance to the T&C herein;


(f) Amend the total BIG Point and/or the Annual Fee Waiver, and/or replace, the BIG Point and/or the Annual Fee Waiver herein with an alternative gift of similar value at its absolute discretion, by way of posting on HLB’s Website or in any other manner which HLB deems practical, in order to give prior notice to the Eligible Cardholders; and


(g) Add, delete or amend the terms and conditions herein, wholly or in part, or to terminate this Campaign, at its absolute discretion, by way of posting on the HLB’s Website, or in any other methods which HLB deems practical, in order to give a prior notice to the Eligible Cardholders on such addition, deletion or amendment of the terms and conditions or termination of this Campaign.


8. HLB shall not be liable and responsible for any failure or delay in the submission and/or processing of the Eligible Cards application and/or the sales transactions by Visa international Incorporated, Merchant establishments, postal service providers or any party in which may result in the Eligible Cardholders being omitted from this Campaign.


9. Eligible Cardholders’ Eligible Card account(s) must be valid/ active, in good standing and must not be in breach of any of the terms and conditions of this Campaign and/ or General Terms and Conditions of the Cardholder Agreement at the point the BIG Points are awarded.


10. The T&Cs herein shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Malaysia and the Eligible Cardholders agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Malaysia.


11. In addition to the terms stipulated above, Eligible Cardholders agree that the General Terms and Conditions of the Cardholder Agreement shall be read together with the terms and conditions herein as an entire agreement. Any discrepancies between these terms and conditions and the General Terms and Conditions of the Cardholder Agreement the specific terms above shall prevail to the extent of such discrepancies.


12. In the event of any discrepancies between these terms and conditions as compared to the advertising, promotional, publicity and other materials relating to or in connection with this Campaign, the final terms and conditions on the HLB’s Website shall prevail.