Consent Form


I hereby agree to participate as a beta tester for the launch of new Connect App in production mode prior to official launch & completion of attestation audit as per below terms and conditions.


  1. This beta testing exercise is only intended for Hong Leong Bank staff who have been accepted to participate in the exercise after going through an enrolment and signing this consent form.
  2. I will need to provide my Apple email ID / Android store email ID and it will be used to enrol me as a valid beta tester.
  3. I understand that I am included in the beta testing when I receive a downloadable link for the new version of the Connect app via the email that I have provided during enrolment.
  4. I will be required to install and use the new Connect App while still being able to use the old version of Connect app on the same phone.
  5. I will have to use my own smartphone with iOS version 8.0 and above or Android version 4.1.2 and above to participate in this beta testing exercise.
  6. I will not be sharing any information (in text or images format) pertaining to the new Connect App via any online, offline or social media platforms unless otherwise requested by the coordinator of this beta testing exercise from PFS Digital department (Coordinator).
  7. I’m responsible to report any errors / issues encountered while using the new Connect App during this beta period to the Coordinator only via Workplace or any other platforms specified by the Coordinator.
  8. I may also be requested to support the troubleshooting process and provide further evidence or feedback for the errors/issues reported above.
  9. I understand that issues reported during beta period will be resolved based on priority and severity. The users impacted by the issues will not be notified specifically but any new version / fixes will trigger force a upgrade of the app and will also list down the errors / issues that have been fixed.
  10. Beta testing period start date will be announced during a briefing or via email to the participants. The Coordinator reserves the rights to exclude staff from the beta testing exercise if the quota has been fulfilled for the number of testers required or the staff is not meeting the basic device requirement for this exercise.
  11. The beta testing period will end when the new Connect app is officially made available on Apple/Android App Store.


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If you have any questions concerning this exercise during the beta testing period, please send your queries to person in charge:

Name in full               :    Syarifah Zuraini

Branch/Department   :    PFS Digital

Email  :

Full Name (as in IC):

Staff ID:

Office Email Address:

Department Name

Mobile Device Type

Apple email ID / Android store email ID: