Apply for cash withdrawal from your Hong Leong Credit Card to be credited directly to your current / savings account with Hong Leong Bank or other banks.


How to apply for Quick Cash via Connect Online Banking?

Step 1: Log in to your Connect Online Banking.
Step 2: Go to  ‘Apply’ from the top navigation menu and select 'Quick Cash’
Step 3: Follow instruction to complete the application


How to apply for Quick Cash via Connect Mobile Banking? 

Step 1: Tap ‘Apply’ > 'Quick Cash' 
Step 2: Select your preferred card, interest payment option and tap 'Next'
Step 3: Select your preferred interest rate 
Step 4: Enter amount and select your preferred monthly instalment amount and tenure
Step 5: Select bank and enter your bank account details
Step 6: Confirm details, acknowledge Terms & Conditions, PDS and enter TAC