Learn Useful Tips To Manage Your Credit Card Wisely

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It’s a good idea to check your card activity regularly to manage your spending and detect unauthorised transactions on your card. Do this and more in just a few clicks via Hong Leong Connect App.

Log in > Overview > Credit Card > Click on Card > Transactions

view credit card account summary


With Hong Leong Connect App, you can keep track of your card activity including your latest account balance, payment due date, and available credit limit with ease.

Log in > Overview > Credit Card

connect credit card overview screen
  • Min Payment:
    Minimum amount you need to pay every month, calculated at 5% of your monthly Statement Balance or RM 50, whichever is higher plus any previous Minimum Payments Due. 

  • Last Payment:
    The most recent amount paid or cash back received that reduces your Outstanding Balance.

  • Last Payment Date:
    Refers to the date of Last Payment made.

  • Statement Date:
    The date your monthly statement is generated. Any charges to your credit card after this date will appear on your next monthly statement.

  • Combined Available Limit:
    The available amount you can spend for all credit card(s) you own.

  • Combined Credit Limit:
    The maximum credit limit shared across all credit card(s) you own.

Have the flexibility to make your credit card payment whenever you want. You can easily pay via Hong Leong Connect App:

Log in > Menu > Pay > Own Credit Card


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