Maximize the services which the bank can offer by keeping your details updated. It is essential to have an updated mobile phone number to receive Transaction Authorisation Codes (TAC) for a seamless and secure online banking and shopping experience. Also, you will never miss out on exclusive promotions and offers communicated via SMS, email or even physical mail.


How to update your contact info via Connect Online Banking?      


Step 1 : Log in to Connect Online Banking
Step 2 :  Go to ‘Settings’  > Update Contact Info
Step 3 : Select Product Type and enter 6-digit TAC
Step 4 : Edit your details
Step 5 : Click Next to confirm details and click Submit


How to update your contact info via Connect Mobile Banking?         

Step 1: Tap 'Menu'
Step 2: Tap ‘Credit Card Services’ and select ‘Update Contact Info’
Step 3: Enter details and tap 'Next' 
Step 4: Check your details and tap 'Save Changes' 
Step 5: Enter TAC