Make a Difference For the Planet

by Hong Leong Bank

What is

EARTH HERO is a project by Hong Leong Bank that encourages the future generation to be environmentally conscious. Young people are engaged to help save the forests and ecosystem in Malaysia while learning good money habits.

When kids learn about endangered species, there is an empathetic spark to want to DO something to help. EARTH HERO is designed to steer young people towards being mindful about living a more sustainable lifestyle.

EARTH HERO partners with APE Malaysia to explore and address environmental challenges in our community.

Be an

Here is how you can make a difference

Step 1

Open a
3-in-1 Junior Account

HLB Earth Hero
Protected by PIDM up to RM250,000 for each depositor.

Step 2

Download and register
for HLB Pocket Connect

HLB Earth Hero

Step 3

Complete tasks to
grow trees

HLB Earth Hero

Make a Meaningful Difference
HLB Pocket Connect

Be an EARTH HERO while learning good money habits with the HLB Pocket Connect App.

Earn extra pocket money when you complete tasks. For each completed task, you will also grow 1 virtual tree in your App.

Once you have grown 20 virtual trees, HLB will plant a REAL TREE on your behalf.

Help us plant 2,500 trees in the Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary.

2,500 Trees

Planted in 2021

2,500 Trees

Planted in 2022

Help us plant another 2,500 trees

in 2023

#HLBEARTHHERO - Caught on Camera

See our tree planting squad in action!
HLB Earth Hero
HLB Earth Hero
HLB Earth Hero

Signs of wildlife returning to the tree planting site!

Make Every Day Earth Day

Climate change, wildlife conservation, and other big picture issues facing our planet may seem much bigger than any of us, but even if you are still in school, you can make a tremendous difference.

Equip yourself with helpful tips and resources, new materials will be released on the 1st of each month.

Our earth is spectacular and unique. It is a complex ecosystem. Do you know what an ecosystem is? An ecosystem is a community of living and non-living components in an area that interacts with each other. Living components include plants and animals, while non-living examples are water, rocks, soil, weather, sand. Together, they make up a very special place called an ecosystem!

Our country is rich with flora and fauna. They are all part of the ecosystem that makes Malaysia one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world. In this series, we will get to know some of the wildlife that live in our forests.