HLB Connect offers easy online bill payment service to all major billers in Malaysia via JomPAY. View JomPAY billers here.


You can choose to pay your bills online anytime and anywhere via HLB Connect Online Banking or HLB Connect Mobile App using funds from your HLB Savings, Current or Credit Card account.


You can even pay up to 5 billers within one transaction on HLB Connect App! Remember to add that 5 billers as your favourite billers to enjoy this feature.


Paying bills online via HLB Connect online banking and mobile banking is safe, convenient and at zero fee!

Click to view JomPAY payment clearance schedule.

Just follow these simple steps to start paying bills online with HLB Connect.

pay bills d1

Log in to HLB Connect Online Banking.

pay bills d2

Click on Pay & Transact, select Pay Bill under Bill Payment.

pay bills d3

Choose your biller from the JomPAY list, select by Category or from your list of Favourite billers OR enter the bill’s details if it’s not in your favourite biller list.

pay bills d4

A) If you have selected from Favourite, you will only need to enter amount and click Submit to complete the transaction. 

B) If the bill is not from your favourite biller list, you will need to approve your bill payment using AppAuthorise (or 6-digit TAC if you do not have HLB Connect App).

pay bill ma1

Log in to your HLB Connect Mobile App, tap on Menu, and then tap on Pay Bill.

pay bill ma2

If you are paying for bill that you have set as favourite biller, select the biller from your favourite list. If you are paying to billers that are not from your favourite list A) tap on JomPAY if you are paying for bills with JomPAY code OR B) tap on New Bill.

pay bill ma3

Enter the bill’s details and amount. For Favourite biller, you only need to enter the amount to pay. Then tap on Next.

pay bill ma4

Check your details and tap on Ready to Pay to complete the transaction.

pay bill ma5

If the bill is a not from your favourite biller list, you will need to approve your bill payment using AppAuthorise.

To Pay multiple billers

pay bill ma1

Tap on MENU > tap on Pay Bill

pay bill ma2

Tap on the billers under My Favourite List > Tap on Next >
Select account you will be paying from

pay bill ma3

Enter amount to pay for each of the billers > tap on Next >  tap on Next again

pay bill ma4

Tap on Ready to Pay to complete the transaction

Find out how to add a biller as Favourite here.

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