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HLeBroking on Bank's Portal Launched Today

Kuala Lumpur, 27 May 2008 - Hong Leong Bank (HLB) today launched their new HLeBroking feature on the bank's website, Hong Leong Online. The new HLeBroking feature on Hong Leong Online, allows customers to buy and sell shares online and via phone in a convenient, simple, fast and affordable manner.

HLeBroking, a service offered by sister company HLG Securities, provides customers with the fastest facility for end-to-end banking and end-to-end share trading. With affordability being a top priority, HLeBroking‘s brokerage rates are a low 0.10% and RM12 for intra-day trading, a cost savings of 30% on brokerage fees alone. The trading limit / multiplier and the credit balance for HLeBroking Accounts that earns 1% interest p.a. even exceeds what other online brokers provide.

"Hong Leong Online is about adapting to the ever evolving and fast-paced environment that many customers thrive on. HLeBroking on Hong Leong Online adds share trading to the list of banking and financial services that are already available online," said Mr. Victor Khor, COO for Transaction & E-Banking of Hong Leong Bank. "By offering HLeBroking, we are able to address the shift from the conventional mode of via-the-phone trading to trading online that we are seeing today."

With HLeBroking via Hong Leong Online, customers can manage their portfolio, view account balances and perform transactions for shares as well as call warrants. Customers will also have access to real-time market information, online news feeds and online research designed to assist them in their decision making. The online trading facility is equipped with latest security features in encryption, two-factor authentication and Picture Identification at Login.

HLeBroking's popularity has been on the rise - especially among the younger generation of customers aged 35 and below which accounts for over 42% of Hong Leong Online users. HLB is targeting a total of 5000 new HLeBroking accounts within the next financial year, of which about 60% is estimated to be online users.  

"HLB is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions and driving innovation in the area of customer experience," stressed Khor.

Meantime, HLeBroking kiosks are also being set up at selected Hong Leong Bank branches. This will address the needs of customers who still prefer the conventional way of trading – that of speaking with a professional on the phone. Besides being able to receive professional recommendations on the spot, customers will also be able to check on price feeds and buy shares by simply picking up the phone at the HLeBroking kiosks at our branches.

"We keep ourselves attuned to our customers needs. We make it a point to address both ends of the spectrum. We now have a service to address the internet-savvy and constantly on-the-go customers and we are continuously expanding our existing services to address the needs of those who still prefer the conventional branch route," he further explained.

HLB the first bank in Malaysia to offer such a service, plans to have more than 100 kiosks placed at its branches all over Malaysia by mid next year.

A special Trade & Win Contest for all new and existing HLeBroking customers has also being organized in conjunction with this launch. To be able to win one of the 39 Samsung Mobile Phones, customers have to trade shares weekly online. Each week, the 38th , 68th and 98th matched trade on the list will win a prize. The contest will commence from 27 May 2008 till 28 August 2008.


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Press Release - 27/05/2008