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BNM All Economic Sectors Facility (AES)
Enhancing access to financing for SMEs in all economic sectors.
BNM Low Carbon Transition Facility (LCTF)
Supporting SMEs in adopting sustainable and low carbon practices.
BNM SME Automation and Digitalisation Facility (ADF)
Incentivising SMEs to automate processes and digitalise operations.
BNM Agrofood Facility (AF)
Financing for SMEs to increase agrofood production.
BNM High Tech & Green Facility (HTG)
Aiding the recovery and continuity of eligible SMEs within strategic sectors and technology fields.
BNM PENJANA Tourism Financing (PTF)
Aiding SMEs in tourism sectors in their business recovery and continuity.
BNM Disaster Relief Facility (DRF) 2022
Alleviating the financial burden of MSMEs affected by the recent floods.
Business financing solution for property purchase, working capital and capital expenditure.
Business Mortgage
Solution for your business expansion and cash flow increment.
HLB SME Solar Financing
Flexible financing for your business to go green.
Term Loan
A credit facility guaranteed for a specific tenor and for a specific purpose.
Short term financing facility that offers cash support for business needs.
Revolving Credit
Short term financing solution for your business cash-flow needs.
Industrial Hire Purchase
Financing the acquisition and upgrade of machinery, commercial vehicle and industrial equipment.
Credit Guarantee Corporation Scheme
Enjoy enhanced credit now with Hong Leong Bank’s guaranteed scheme if you are a Malaysian controlled or Malaysian owned business.
Government Guarantee Schemes
Providing Government Guarantee Schemes for SMEs as an alternative collateral solution required for financing applications.