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DuitNow is a new service that enables businesses to receive and transfer funds instantly 24/7 via DuitNow ID instead of account number.

Businesses can register Business Registration Number as your DuitNow ID.


Nominate any of your HLB/HLISB current account as the Receiving Account for your DuitNow transactions and your Business Registration No. will then be your DuitNow ID!

DuitNow ID = Business Registration Number (replacing your current account number, it is as simple as that)


Benefits to your business: 

Benefits of DuitNow


current account


current account  +

Business Online Banking

An alternative business collection channel

Your customers will be able to use your business registration number (your DuitNow ID) to transfer fund to you via any participating banks’ online banking service.

Available 24/7

Your customers will be able to transfer funds to you 24/7 instantly

No more hassle

You and your customers no longer require to remember the account number

Increase payment accuracy

Your company name will be displayed once your customer enter your DuitNow ID on their online banking system

Available 24/7

As long as your beneficiaries registered their mobile numbers, NRIC, business registration numbers or passport number as their DuitNow ID with any of the participating banks, you will be able to transfer fund to them using any of the online banking service 24/7.


Real time reconciliation

You will be able to check your account balance and transaction status instantly


Safe and reliable

Secure mode of fund transfer as it eliminates the use of cash


All you need to do:

1) Login to HL ConnectFirst

2) Under Data Maintenance tab, select DuitNow ID > Registration

3) Business Registration number will be displayed, select your preferred account for DuitNow transactions

Please sign up for Hong Leong ConnectFirst if you wish to register for DuitNow ID after the official launch of the service on 8 December 2018.

(Click here to sign up for Hong Leong ConnectFirst).

Fees and Charges

No fees and charges* for any amount of DuitNow transactions.


*Effective 1 January 2020, a minimum fee of RM 0.15 per transaction will be charged to Other Corporates for any amount of DuitNow transactions.


Important notice

Please click HERE for the exhaustive list of fees and charges.


DuitNow ID FAQ and Terms & Conditions

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