Benefits of Mobile Banking

From cash to cards, and now digital transfers and scanning QR codes - transferring money and making payments have been made easier. Online banking has revolutionised the way people manage their finances. With the rise of mobile technology, mobile banking has emerged as a convenient and secure banking method. Mobile banking in Malaysia is the use of a mobile app to access banking services, including bank account management, fund transfers and bill payments. The three key benefits of mobile banking are convenience, security, and one-stop financial management. Let's explore these benefits in detail and how the HLB Connect App can enable each of them.

Benefits of Mobile Banking


Customers can access their accounts and perform transactions anytime, anywhere. With online banking in Malaysia, customers no longer have to worry about inconvenient long queues and limited operating hours, as customers can manage their finances in just a few clicks. HLB Connect App offers a range of services including Fund Transfer, Bill Payments, Prepaid Reload, e-Fixed Deposit placement, QR Pay and many more. If you have ever wondered how to make a cardless withdrawal in Malaysia, Connect ATM Withdrawal allows customers to withdraw cash from any Hong Leong Bank ATM using the app without needing a debit card.


Mobile banking allows customers to monitor their accounts in real time. Transaction notifications are sent out immediately which makes it easier to identify and report any unauthorised activity. Besides that, banks also implement various security measures and regularly upgrade their systems to ensure safe transactions. Additionally, customers are advised to take precautions on their end, such as using strong passwords and keeping their device and app updated to the latest version. HLB Connect App incorporates a variety of security features such as:


1. Biometric Authentication

Log in to your HLB Connect App quickly and securely using Fingerprint or Face ID authentication.


2. AppAuthorise

An additional security feature to authorise payments or transfers (performed on HLB Connect Online or App) that used to require SMS TAC.


3. Emergency Lock

When this feature is activated, all new transactions on HLB Connect will be blocked.


4. App Binding

Ensures that your login details can only be used to access HLB Connect App that has been linked to your mobile device.


5. Security Question

When an irregular account behaviour is detected, your security question will be used to verify your identity.


6. Security Picture

Security picture helps confirm the login screen is authentic. You should only enter your password on the HLB Connect App if you see your security picture.

One-Stop Financial Management

Customers can manage multiple accounts, including credit card, loan, savings, and current accounts, using a mobile banking app. On top of that, customers can also apply for new products such as credit cards or personal loan.


Additionally, the HLB Connect App offers several services related to credit and debit cards, such as Quick Cash, Balance Transfer, Flexi Payment Plan, Credit Card Activation, Create and Change Pin, and Report Lost and Stolen Card. This means that customers can carry out a wide range of card-related transactions from the convenience of the mobile banking app.


In conclusion, mobile banking has become an essential part of banking services in Malaysia. With mobile banking, customers can easily manage their finances, transfer funds and pay bills, all from the comfort of their own mobile device. As mobile technology continues to evolve, we can expect even more convenient and efficient banking services in the future.