Why Choose HLB Connect

Hong Leong Bank provides digital banking services so you can  remain on top of your financial obligations. With HLB Connect Online Banking, we have you covered whether you're at home on your laptop, on your smartphone, or at work on a desktop. Hong Leong Bank also offers a mobile banking app that allows you to get more done on the move without needing to visit a bank or an ATM. 

Why Choose HLB Connect


HLB Connect has several features that allow you to bank the way you want:

1. Real-time Transaction Updates

You can get instant updates of your last 15 HLB Debit and Credit Card transactions from the last 7 days. There are 2 ways to view your updates:

HLB Connect Online Banking 

Step 1: Click on your account number.

Step 2: Scroll to transaction history and viewing date.

Step 3: Scroll to view all your latest Debit/Credit Card transactions.

HLB Connect Mobile Banking App

Step 1: Tap your account.

Step 2: Tap on the second tab 'Card'.

Step 3: Scroll to view all your latest Debit/Credit Card transactions.

2. Cardless ATM Withdrawal

When you are using HLB Connect Mobile Banking App, you can withdraw cash from any HLB ATM without a debit card. Just follow these simple steps to withdraw your money:


Step 1: Tap on ‘Menu’ > ‘Cardless ATM Withdrawal’.

Step 2: Select the account that you would like to withdraw.

Step 3: Choose the amount and tap 'Next'.

Step 4: Confirm the details and tap ‘Withdraw Now’.

Step 5: Enter the ATM Withdrawal Code on the ATM Screen to withdraw your money.

Cardless ATM Withdrawal

3. Bill Payment

HLB Connect offers easy online bill payment service to all major billers in Malaysia via JomPAY. You can pay up to 5 favourite billers in one transaction from your HLB Savings, Current, or Credit Card account at any time, anywhere with HLB Connect Online Banking or the HLB Connect Mobile App. It's secure, quick, easy to use, and there are no hidden costs!

4. eFixed Deposit  Online-exclusive Rates

This online-exclusive rate is open to all existing as well as new HLB Connect users holding an HLB Current or Savings account. Place an eFD with HLB Connect and you can earn up to 2.05% interest p.a. at maturity. Other features and benefits also include a choice of tenures from 1 – 12 months and the flexibility to make early, partial withdrawals from your eFD and still earn eFD interest on the remaining balance.

5. Foreign Currency Deposit Feature

Pay&Save Account is the only Malaysian Ringgit savings account with options for 12 foreign currencies, where all buying and selling of foreign currencies can be performed via HLB Connect Online Banking or HLB Connect Mobile Banking App. Pay&Save Account earns you interest when you deposit, make online bill payments and spend with your debit card.


You will be able to pay & withdraw in 12 foreign currencies using your debit card. Pay&Save Account is ideal for Malaysians working abroad, parents with children studying abroad, expatriates, as well as those who travel frequently or have business overseas.

6. Freeze/Unfreeze Credit Card

Misplaced your HLB Credit Card? Freeze or unfreeze your credit card conveniently on HLB Connect Online Banking with just a tap and enjoy a peace of mind. Follow these quick and easy steps:


Step 1: On your account overview, click on the credit card you wish to freeze or unfreeze

Step 2: Click the icon to 'Freeze' or 'Unfreeze' card

7. Request for Credit Card Replacement

You can request a credit card replacement in an instant with HLB Connect if your credit card is worn out or damaged. With HLB Connect, you will find that replacing your credit card is hassle-free with the following easy steps:

HLB Connect Online Banking

Step 1: Log in to Connect Online Banking.

Step 2: Go to ‘Other Services’.

Step 3: Go to ‘Request Card Replacement’.

Step 4: Follow instructions to complete steps.

HLB Connect Mobile Banking App

Step 1: Swipe to the Credit Card page and tap your card.

Step 2: Tap ‘Services’ and select ‘Request Card Replacement’.

Step 3: Select Credit Card and select preferred card issuance number.

Step 4: Tap 'Replace' and enter TAC.


These are just some of the many benefits and features that HLB Connect has to offer. To find out more features and benefits, visit the HLB Connect page.