Safe Online Banking

Safe Online Banking

These days, the online and mobile banking system in Malaysia have evolved to become part of our daily routines. Bank customers can now perform transactions and make payments online anytime, anywhere at their own convenience. While online banking makes day-to-day banking tasks easier, it is also important for customers to understand the safety precautions of using online banking services so they stay safe while performing transactions on ebanking online services in Malaysia.

Here are some tips on how you can stay safe while banking online.

1. Constantly Change Your Password

Strong passwords are essential for keeping your accounts secure. You may have made sure your passwords are strong and difficult to guess, but maybe someone has seen your online banking password without you realizing it, or your password may have been caught on camera or CCTV while you were using your online banking services in a public area. It is recommended for you to change your online banking passwords frequently. 

You may use unique passwords that are personal to you and not something you have shared publicly.

Constantly Change Your Password

2. Be Aware of Your Bank Account Activities

You should always check for any unusual transactions or activities on your account, as some hackers are able to virtually track your credit card information if not kept well; especially when you are frequently using online banking for transactions. This will lead to a leak of your credit card information, simultaneously leading to unauthorised usage of your credit or debit card.

With HLB Connect, you are able to check your bank account activities in real time and get instant updates of your last 15 Debit and Credit Card transactions from the last 7 days. 

3. Avoid Using Public Computers and WiFi

Public computers and public WiFi are not safe for online banking as hackers are able to hack the internet and computer to attain your confidential details. When your device is linked to a public WiFi, there is a potential risk of having your personal data (in this case, your online banking transaction information) intercepted by hackers who have the ability to position themselves between you and the connection point. Also, public WiFi is considered an easy access for hackers to use special software kits to enable them to capture login credentials and hijack your online banking account.

Possible leaks include your email address, frequent locations, usernames, and many more. Any leak of these personal details would put you at a higher risk of being targeted for potential scam activities. This is why you should use your own device and internet if you need to log in to your online banking account when you are outside. 

Avoid Using Public Computers and WiFi

4. Use a Software to Protect Yourself Online

Another step you can take as a precaution is to have a firewall and antivirus software installed in your computer. Firewalls help in analysing network traffic based on predetermined security rules. Therefore, if any unconfigured network is detected, it will block them from getting through to your computer and the overall server. Anti-virus software, on the other hand, helps protect your computer by scanning incoming files or code that is being passed through your network traffic. Hence, with firewalls and antivirus installed in your computer system, you are able to do online banking transactions safely and conveniently.

Usually, most bank websites are already equipped with its own cybersecurity software, where you will immediately be logged out of your online banking account if you have been inactive for a few minutes. However, it is always safer to have double security and always remember to log out.

5. Set Up Banking Alerts

Be sure to set up banking alerts so you will be notified of every transaction made with your account. Banking alerts are available through SMS, in-app notification or email depending on what’s available from your bank. If you notice any unusual activity that was not authorised by you, immediately contact your bank and report the incident.

With Hong Leong Bank, you can enjoy all e-banking features safely without worrying. If you are facing any issues with your account, you can call the our hotline: 03 7626 8899. Create your own personal online banking account in Malaysia with HLB Bank today.