Fees & Charges - Business & Corporate Banking

Business Banking - Financing

The following fees are applicable to Corporate, Commercial and SMEs 

Description / Services

Rates & Charges

Commitment Fees

i) Overdraft (OD)

ii) Revolving Credit (RC)


i) 1.0% p.a. on unutilized amount

ii) 1.0% p.a. on unutilized amount

Excesses Fee

Overdraft Excess  



4.00% p.a. above the reference rate (or any other rate*) will be levied on all amounts drawn or utilized in excess of the approved overdraft limit, calculated from the date of such drawing or utilization in excess of the overdraft limit until the date of payment of the amount thereof. The interest is calculated on the daily balance basis and is payable monthly in arrears.

* Note: If there are any changes to the rates, prior notice will be provided to you by the Bank

Prepayment Charges (before expiry of tenure)

i) Term Loan

ii) Revolving Credit


i) 3 months interest at prescribed rate on prepaid amount, in lieu of 3 months written notice (an additional 1.00% on prepaid amount may be imposed, where applicable).

ii) Penalty charges and funding loss, for re-deployment of the prepaid fund by Money Market, minimum fee of RM500.00

Late Payment Penalty Charges

1.00% p.a. on the amount in arrears


Default Rate

(default or non-payment on 3 consecutive payments due)


1.00% p.a. in addition to the prescribed rate

Stamp Duties Charges 


As per the Stamp Duty Act 1949 (Revised 1989)

Legal Fees & Disbursement Fees

(where applicable)

i) Solicitor’s fees for loan documentation

ii) For registration of charge and land search


Description / Service

Charges / Fees*

Withdrawal of advance payment fee

RM50.00 per request

Termination Fee for cancellation of loan prior to loan disbursement


Late payment charge

1% pa on the loan amount in arrears

Stamp Duties

As per Stamp Duty Act 1949 (revised 1989)

Legal Fees

As per scale in the Solicitor’s Remuneration Order (SRO)

Disbursement fees

Disbursement Fees including but not limited to registration fee, search fee, government tax and any other taxes or levy as per the scale fees charged by the respective authorities and/or legal firms

Valuation Fees

As per the Seventh Schedule (Rule 48) of the scale fees set by the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents Malaysia

Miscellaneous Fees

Miscellaneous Fees including but not limited to online IBG payment, IBG payment via ATM machine, cheque processing fee and any other fees or charges that may be imposed by the respective relevant authorities from time to time with prior notice

Overdraft Commitment Fee

1% p.a. on the unutilised Overdraft amount

*Subject to Government Tax, if applicable

Description / Service

Charges / Fees*

Photocopy charges for application documents


Postage charges for sending Agreement


Fax and telephone charges for processing of application


e-Ownership transaction fee for registration of ownership claim


Stamp Duty for Hire Purchase Agreement

i) Hirer

ii) Guarantor


i) RM10.00

ii) RM10.00 per guarantor

Ad-Hoc Services
i) Duplicate HP agreement/ Duplicate AP Documents/ Invoice/ Insurance Cover Note/ Puspakom report/ Guarantee agreement/ Supplemental agreement/ Letter of Set-off (LOSO)/ Charge Over Cash Deposit i) RM2.00 per page; min RM10.00
ii) Duplicate registration card/ vehicle ownership claim (VOC) ii) RM2.00 per page; min RM10.00
iii) Consent letter to Authorities - transfer of vehicle to East M’sia or vice versa iii) RM20.00 per request
iv) Transfer of vehicle fees (used car) iv) RM150.00/ RM40.00 for East Malaysia
v) JPJ Runner fees (used car) v) Up to RM100.00

*Subject to Government Tax, if applicable

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