Interest Rates - Pay&Save Account

Pay&Save Account

Savings Interest (wef 30/01/2018)

Balance Range Interest Rates p.a.
Up to RM5,000 0.00%
Up to RM20,000 0.55%
Up to RM100,000 1.05%
Above RM100,000 1.55%

Interest is calculated daily and credited quarterly


Applicable when you make e-Payment. Interest is calculated monthly and credited in the following month.

No. of bills/ loans paid successfully per month Interest Rates p.a.
4 -6 0.50%
7 -9 0.75%
10 -14 1.00%
15 and above 1.90%
No. of Debit Card swipes in a month Bonus Interest p.a.
1 0.12%
2 0.24%
3 0.36%
4 0.48%
5 and above 0.80%

Maximum Bonus Interest is capped at RM30 per month. Bonus Interest is calculated monthly based on Monthly Average Balance and credited on the 1st of the following month.

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