Frequently Asked Questions - OTP for Online Shopping

OTP for Online Shopping

Q: What is One Time Password (OTP) for Online Shopping?

A: "One Time Password (OTP) for Online Shopping" is a Credit/Debit Card online payment authentication solution on Verified by Visa and MasterCard® SecureCode®  security platform that protects your Card from unauthorized use. This is an extension to the previous standard authentication solution using static password and is fully adaptable to the 3D-Secure architecture and protocol defined by Visa/MasterCard. This dynamic authentication system is in line with Bank Negara Malaysia’s proposed guidelines for Credit/Debit Card issuers.


Q: What is 3D-Secure?

A: 3D-Secure is an XML-based protocol designed to validate the authenticity of an online payment through the requirement of password and personal information, which are only known to the rightful and authorized Credit/Debit Cardholder. It serves as an added layer of security against fraudulent activities, as an unauthorized person will not be able to make online transactions by simply entering your card details.


Q: Doesn’t Visa/MasterCard already protect my Card account from theft and fraud?

A: Yes, you are already protected against theft and fraud by Visa and MasterCard even if you use your Card at an online retailer which does not have Verified by Visa/MasterCard SecureCode, but if you shop via Verified by Visa/MasterCard SecureCode, the payment authentication process gives you an additional layer of security by further reducing the chance of fraud happening on your Card account.


Q: What is an OTP?

A: All online transactions made with your Hong Leong Credit/Debit Card at participating Verified by Visa/MasterCard SecureCode retailers will require a "One Time Password" (OTP) in order to be processed. An OTP is a 6-digit password sent to your mobile phone via USSD when you are attempting to make an online purchase. You will receive your OTP within 10 seconds of submitting your card details on the merchant website. It is only valid for one (1) transaction and for use within five (5) minutes of generation.

If your OTP becomes invalid due to inactivity, you are able to request for OTP to be sent again to your mobile phone. The maximum number of times you can request for a new OTP is three (3) times for each online transaction. You are given four (4) chances to enter your OTP correctly in order to proceed with your payment.


Q: What is USSD?

A: USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Services Data. Unlike SMS (Short Message Service), USSD has no store-and-forward capability. It is a flash message sent by network service provider which will flash on your mobile phone. The message will disappear once you click on any button on your mobile phone, ensuring confidentiality on the information.


Q: What are the advantages of OTP?

A: OTP for Online Shopping is an ideal way to validate if a person initiating an online purchase is the rightful and authorized owner of the Credit/Debit Card used because the message containing OTP is sent directly to the Cardholder without the function of storing for later use or forwarding to a third party. In comparison, a static password which is reusable for every transaction exposes you to a higher risk of fraudulent activities if made known to a third party.

Besides, OTP also saves you the trouble of remembering your static password or checking your details such as Cardholder’s statement date to verify your identity during an online purchase.


Q: Do I have to register to use OTP if I have no prior online shopping experience with a Hong Leong Card? What if I am not a Hong Leong Connect user?

A: You only need to make sure your current mobile phone number is registered with Hong Leong Bank because we will send you the OTP based on our record of your mobile number. There is no need to register for Hong Leong Connect (Internet Banking service) to enjoy this security feature.


Q: Is this security feature available for all Hong Leong Cards?

A: Yes. With your current and valid mobile number, registered, you will receive OTP when making online payments using any Hong Leong Visa and MasterCard Credit/Debit Card. 


Q: How can I register/update my contact details?

A: You can login to Hong Leong Connect, call our Contact Centre at +603 7626 8899 or visit any Hong Leong Bank branch to update your contact details.


Q: After I have updated my contact details, how long do I need to wait to perform an online transaction?

You can perform an online transaction 30 minutes after you updated your contact details with our Contact Centre. However, if you have filled in a form to update your contact details through our branches, please allow 3 working days for processing.


Q: How do I check whether my mobile phone number has been correctly registered or updated?

A: When you reach the authentication page during a payment process, the first and last four digits of your mobile number will be displayed. If it does not match your mobile number, please contact our Contact Centre to update.


Q: How do I request for an OTP at a merchant website?

A: You do not need to request for an OTP at the first instance. When you reach the page for payment request, an OTP will be automatically sent to your mobile phone.


Q: What if I do not receive the OTP? Can I request for a new one to be sent?

A: Yes. If your first OTP becomes invalid or if you have not received it, you need to click on the "Resend OTP" button on the authentication page. We can re-send to you a new OTP for a maximum of three (3) times for every single transaction.


Q: What if I entered a wrong OTP for the transaction?

A: If you hit the maximum invalid authentication (invalid OTP submitted for three (3) times), your account will be locked for security reasons. To unlock your account, please call our Contact Centre at +603 7626 8899.


Q: How many transactions can I perform in a day using OTP?

A: There is no limit to the number of transactions you can perform, i.e. you can purchase online as many times as you wish provided your Credit/Debit Card is in good standing.


Q: I am trying to make a payment on the merchant website but there is no pop-up window for me to enter OTP. What shall I do?

A: Any computer software that prevents pop-up windows may interfere with use of OTP for Online Shopping. To avoid interruption to your payment process, please remember to turn off your pop-up blocker.


Q: I am trying to make a payment on the merchant website but a window popped up with an error message and my computer hanged. What shall I do?

A: You will not be able to enter the OTP to complete the authentication process if your computer hangs. In this case, the transaction is not authenticated and your payment will not go through. However, if you would like to check the status of your transaction for peace of mind, please call our Contact Centre at +603 7626 8899.


Q: What happens if my computer crashes or I got disconnected from the Internet after I have entered the OTP and submitted the payment request? How will I know whether the payment has succeeded? Will I be able to cancel a pending transaction?

A: It is best that you call our Contact Centre at +603 7626 8899 to verify if the payment has been successful or not.


For enquiries, connect with us online or drop by your nearest Hong Leong Bank Branch.