HLB Connect Registration Guide

Note: To register for HLB Connect, you will need a mobile number registered to receive Transaction Authorisation Codes (TAC). Please visit any branch to register or update your mobile number.

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Click “Register” at www.hongleongconnect.my 

rib s2 en

Select ID Type and enter your ID Number

rib s3 en

Enter your Debit/Credit Card or Account details

rib s4 en

Enter TAC received via SMS

rib s5 en

Create your Username

rib s6 en

Create your Password 

rib s7 en

Select your Security Picture

rib s8 en

Create your Security Question

rib s9 en

Registration complete!

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Launch Connect App and tap “Register here”

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Enter your Debit/Credit Card and ID details 

mb s3 en

Enter TAC received via SMS  

mb s4 en

Create Username and Password 

mb s5 en

Select Security Picture 

mb s6 en

Acknowledge Terms and Conditions 

mb s7 en

Create Security Q&A 

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Registration complete!