Trust account

Trust account


For Customers (herein referred to as “Trustee”) who act as a Trustee for opening and maintenance of a trust account, you are responsible to submit the following information and document to the Bank:


1)the name, address and identity card number or passport number or any other identification of the Trustee which is acceptable to the Bank;

2)a statement stating that the deposit account is held in trust by the Trustee;

3)the name and address of each beneficiary, or to use identifier code to represent each beneficiary on the records of the Trustee/s; and

4)the amount or percentage of each beneficiary’s interest in the trust account. 


To facilitate the submission of the information items (2) to (4) above, Trustee may fill up the Appendix A – PIDM Disclosure Requirements on Opening and Maintenance of Trust Account(s) and submit it to any of the HLB/HLISB branches for Bank’s records. The same Appendix A can be used for subsequent maintenance purposes by the Trustee.


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