HLB Connect Reset Guide


You can reset your HLB Connect with any of these products:

  • Debit Card/Debit Card-i
  • Credit Card
  • Current or Savings Account/Current or Savings Account-i
  • Personal Loan Account/Personal Financing-i Account
  • Fixed Deposit/Fixed Deposit-i



You must reset HLB Connect if:

  1. You have forgotten the Username/Password;
  2. You have forgotten the Answer to your Security Question;
  3. Your HLB Connect account has gone dormant after 365 days of no log in;
  4. You have recently activated ‘Emergency Lock’; or
  5. You think your HLB Connect access has been compromised.


Here are the steps:

rib reset 1 en

1. Visit www.hongleongconnect.my and click on ‘Forgot Username/Password' OR launch HLB Connect App, tap on ‘Login with Password’ and then tap on ‘Forgot Password’.

rib reset 2 en

2. Select ID Type & enter your ID Number.

rib reset 3 en

3. Enter the HLB Connect Code sent to your mobile number.


If you have not registered a mobile number to receive the HLB Connect Code or have changed your mobile number, please visit our branch to update your number.

rib reset 4 a en

4a. Enter your Email Address.


If you have not registered your email address for HLB Connect, you will be shown this screen and will need to provide your email address for delivery of Temporary ID required for this registration.

There will be 2 scenarios:

  • If the email address entered matches any email address you have previously updated in our record, this will be used to send a Temporary ID.
  • If no record of email address is found, you will have to visit the branch to update your email address before you can proceed with the next step.
rib reset 4 b en

4b. A Temporary ID will be sent to your email in a PDF document. You will need a password sent to your mobile number to open the document. Please enter the Temporary ID here.


  • Please check your email for the Temporary ID (check your junk mail box too just in case it gets sent there).
  • Ensure that the Security Phrase displayed in the email matches the one displayed on the screen before you key in the Temporary ID. 
  • To avoid delays in receiving this email, please ensure that your device is set to fetch new email/data automatically.
rib reset 5 en

5. Select the Account Type & enter your Account Number.

rib reset 6 a en

6. Change your Username & Password or Password only.


If your HLB Connect status is 'active', the Username will NOT be shown at this step. You will only be required to change your Password.


  • If you would like to change your Username, please contact HLB Contact Centre. Username is not case sensitive. It must be made up of alphabets and numbers only. Special characters are not accepted.
  • Password is case sensitive. For stronger Password, use a combination of alphabets (lower & uppercase), numbers and selected special characters. 




rib reset 7 en

7. You will see this message after the reset is completed: “Reset Username/Password Successful!".


HLB Connect Password is case sensitive. If you enter a lowercase for a letter that should be in uppercase, it will be considered as wrong Password.

rib reset 8 en

8. Remember to login to HLB Connect App to re-bind your device and re-enable AppAuthorise if you have changed your Username when resetting your HLB Connect.


You will need a Device Activation Code that will be sent to your email address to set up HLB Connect App. Cooling-Off Period will apply when you enable AppAuthorise in a new device. Please refer to the message shown during the app set up process for the cooling-off duration.