Credit Card Services

Switch your credit card balance over to enjoy instant interest savings

Put all your worries away and start transferring your outstanding balance to your Hong Leong Credit Card to enjoy Greater Savings. To enjoy an incredible low interest rate for up to 1 year, just transfer your outstanding balance from other credit or charge cards to any Hong Leong Credit Card. Or, choose to have the loan amount credited into your savings or current account at Hong Leong Bank or at any other banks via cheque or Inter-Bank GIRO (IBG).

Flexi Payment Plan (FPP)

Enjoy flexible and affordable repayment plans of up to 36 months when you convert your credit card retail transactions to Hong Leong Flexi Payment Plan (FPP).

Now you can make a purchase anywhere and anytime with FPP attractive interest rate and flexible tenure up to 36 months.

FPP Tenure (Months)FPP Interest RateMinimum Retail Transaction Amount (RM)
68.99% p.a.500
12, 188.99% p.a.1000
24, 368.99% p.a.2000

How to apply

Step 1: Spend at least RM500 with Hong Leong Bank credit card (can be single or multiple retail transactions)

Step 2: Choose your preferred FPP tenure (6 months/ 12 months/ 18 months/ 24 months/ 36 months)

Step 3: Call us at 03-76268899 to convert the transaction(s) to FPP according to the offer rate

*Remarks: The Retail Transactions must not have passed its payment due date at the point of the FPP conversion

Terms and Conditions apply.

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Call-For-Cash Plus (CFC+)

Need extra cash? With Hong Leong Call-For-Cash Plus, you can withdraw cash anytime, anywhere with just one phone call away. It is a credit card facility which gives you the flexibility to pay in affordable equal monthly installments at a low interest rate from 6.38% p.a*.

On top of these, you can opt to pay as low as RM50 or 5% of outstanding balance, whichever is higher*.

CFC+ Installment MonthsCFC+ Interest RateCFC+ Approved Amount (RM)
12, 18, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months9.88%p.a1,500-10,000
12, 18, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months8.38%p.a10,001-24,999
12, 18, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months6.38%p.a25,001 and Above

Hong Leong Call-For-Cash Plus (CFC+) is simple to apply

  • Choose CFC+ Amount (Minimum amount to apply: RM1,500)
  • Choose your preferred CFC+ tenure (Up to 60 Months)
  • Call 03-76268899 (Our friendly Officers will further assist you)

*Refer to full Terms & Conditions

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Balance Transfer (BT)

Switch your other banks’ credit card balances to Hong Leong Bank & enjoy instant interest savings! Simplify your life and enjoy savings by consolidating all your credit card commitments into one account.

BT Repayment PeriodBT Interest RateEligibility
Lifetime (No Fixed Repayment Period)4.99%p.aNew Cardholder (Never own a Hong Leong Credit Card before)*
During Existing Cardholders Birthday month*
6 or 12 Months6.99%p.aHLB Credit Card Holder

DO NOT miss the opportunity. Whether you are planning to apply a credit card from Hong Leong Bank; or it is now your birthday month, or you are searching high and low for interest savings, we have the right Balance Transfer (BT) product just for you.

Hong Leong Balance Transfer (BT) is simple to apply:

  • Confirm your total BT Amount (Minimum amount to apply: RM1,000)
  • Choose your preferred BT repayment months (Up to 12 Months)
  • Call 03-76268899 (Our friendly Officers will further assist you)

*Refer to full Terms & Conditions

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Safer, Easier to shop online with a One Time Password

Each time you wish to make online purchase with your Hong Leong Card, we will verify your identity by asking you to enter an OTP, a 6-digit password sent automatically to your mobile phone during the payment process. Your OTP is only valid for 1 transaction and 5 minutes from the time of generation before it expires.

Benefits of OTP:

  • No registration required to start using, as long as we have your current mobile number.
  • Need not create a password - It saves you the trouble of remembering your password.
  • Hassle-free authentication process - No additional "security information" required.
  • Service is free-of-charge.

How to Get Started

For enquiries or to update your mobile number, please call our Contact Centre at +603 7626 8899 or visit a branch. To make an online purchase with your Hong Leong card:

Step 1Register your current mobile phone number with Hong Leong Bank if you have not done so previously. To update, please call our Contact Centre at +603 7626 8899 or visit our branch.
Step 2Provide your card particulars on the merchant webpage.
Step 3You will be directed to the Bank's authentication page. Enter the OTP which is sent automatically to your mobile phone. If your OTP becomes invalid due to inactivity, click on "Resend OTP". If an unknown error occurs, please contact our Call Centre at +603 7626 8899.
Step 4Click "OK" and wait a moment for us to process your payment request. You will be notified on the status of your transaction at the end.

Important Information

Call-For-Cash Plus Terms & Conditions

Flexi Payment Plan (FPP) Terms & Conditions

Extended Payment Plan Terms & Conditions

Balance Transfer Terms & Conditions

OTP For Online Shopping Frequently Asked Questions

Balance Transfer (FOR NEW CARDHOLDER ONLY) Terms & Conditions*

1) Chip & Pin Terminal Upgrade

Effective May 2016, our appointed POS Terminal vendor will conduct the terminal upgrade and card acceptance training for the below initiatives :

  • POS terminal will be upgraded to PIN-enabled in line with industry-wide move to require PIN at Malaysian POS terminals as a form of verification for Malaysian credit and debit cards.
  • The transaction on Malaysian debit cards will be processed via the MyDebit network (formerly known as e-Debit) as this is the most cost-effective debit card network. However if you wish to change the priority routing to Visa/MasterCard debit card network, please contact your Account Relationship Manager.

Pin & Pay Information Sheet (EN)

Pin & Pay Information Sheet (BM)

Quick Guide for PIN Terminal (EN)

Quick Guide for PIN Terminal (BM)

2) Promotion on E-debit Card Acceptance

In conjunction with Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) Card Payment Reform Framework, HLB is progressively promoting MyDebit (E-debit) card acceptance by revising the MDR for E-debit to 0.70%.

3) Revised Interchange Fee Rates

Effective January 2017, the interchange fee rates for domestic cards have been revised.Kindly visit the below websites for more details:

4) List of conditions or documents required for a merchant to sign up for payment card acceptance

  1. List of Conditions:
    1. A legalised & registered company with SSM.
    2. Preferably cash & carry segments
    3. Merchant is properly set up with valid business
    4. Merchant without negative findings
    5. Once signed-up, the contract lasts for minimum 1 year. If merchant choose to terminate early, there is no penalty will be imposed.

  2. List of documents required to sign up to accept payment cards:
    1. Merchant application form
    2. Consent forms (Individual & Corporate/Non-Individual forms)
    3. Merchant agreement
    4. AOC, PCIDSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)
    5. Letter of offer

  3. Documents required from merchant:
    1. SSM & Company Registration Form for Sole Proprietorship/ Partnership
    2. Form 24, 44, 49 and M & A for Private Limited
    3. Main director IC (front & back) who is going to sign the application form & agreements
    4. 3 months latest bank statements
    5. Tenancy Agreement - for merchant that are in business less than 3 months (cash & carry) and for merchant that are in business less than 2 years (services)

Take photos of place of business (internal & external); External – front view, both left and right side view and internal goods & items display.

5) HongLeong Bank Mobile POS Introduction:

"Hassle Free To Run Business With Portable Card Acceptance Reader"

HongLeong Bank Mobile POS (MPOS) supports all range of businesses from SME to well established companies with an alternative way of payment acceptance mode. Accepting credit card transaction is made even simpler now with much convenience and flexibility. It is hassle free to run your businesses at anytime and anywhere within Malaysia as MPOS is small, portable and user friendly. And yet, it is affordable.

Refers to HongLeong Bank Mobile POS (MPOS) Features & Benefits PDF file for better understanding.

Never run out of credit

Hong Leong Touch’n Go Zing Card automatically reloads whenever the balance reaches RM50


Use it at tolls, LRTs, car parks, buses, theme parks or wherever the Touch’n Go sign is displayed


Can be linked with any HLB Visa or MasterCard credit cards

Important Information

Product Disclosure Sheet / Fees & Charges

Terms & Conditions (Eng)

Terms & Conditions (BM)

Terms & Conditions (Chi)

Application Form (Eng)

Application Form (BM)